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A fifth season?

Every now and then I am harshly aware that I am ‘not from here’. Labor day is one of those occasions. In Britain we observe Labour Day on May 1, so it has absolutely nothing to do with the last Summer BBQ, getting ready for school or a quick last summer getaway.

It is very interesting to me, that this day, which is actually supposed to signify a stand for the 8 hour cycle – 8 hours of labor, 8 hours of recreation and 8 hours of rest, signifies something very different in the U.S . All week I have been reading the line ‘now summer is over’… which makes me wonder about the 15 days between 7th September and the 22nd September which is actually the first day of Autumn (because again I am not from here…). Do we actually have a stealth fifth season in the U.S? A pre-fall ? Or a post-Summer? It may just be me but it feels that this year folks are in an extra hurry to say goodbye to Summer.

It also makes me curious. If this weekend does signify a seasonal, or pace of life change for you, what will you remember about Summer 2009? What were your achievements? What were some of the not so great things that happened and the associated learning? Who did you hang out with, who did you play with, what new places did you explore and who did you fall in love with, for the first time, or all over again?

If Summer is almost over, then at least pause for a moment and take one last huge gulp of it and notice what it meant for you. Resist the temptation to rush into fall; the pumpkins can wait. Instead just stop right here for a little while, take a deep breath and notice what you are consciously leaving behind in Summer ’09 and what you will be choosing to take forward with you through that gateway of transitioning seasons.

On September 22nd, I will welcome the new season with open arms, but today I embrace what is here.

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I realize that it is slightly ironic titling the first post on this blog ‘Finally!’ however it pretty much expresses how I feel. I seem to have struggled and wrestled way more than I probably should have getting around to setting up this particular Cooperative resource in a more fitting space.  

The Cooperative wasn’t being clearly represented in its current home, we were too focused on coaching skills which while very important to us, if you have already ventured to the ‘About The Red Barn Cooperative’ page, you will know that the Cooperative is a much broader concept. When people walk through those big ol’ barn doors there needs to be substance inside, tools and resources that are relevant to everyone. So ‘finally’ we are here in our new location where we can get organized, stack our bales, display our wares and ideas and get on with the business of nourishment.

I also feel that I need to humbly acknowledge Penny, with whom I continue to share the Cooperative experience on a day to day basis. I am sure I have driven her to distraction with various social networking tools, linkedin, facebook, our own mac based blog. Only earlier today she exclaimed ‘ I have just finished reading up on squids and now we are doing what?!’ (yep, if you want to check out Squidoo, for charitable purposes we have a small outpost there too…).

Penny, thank you for humoring me and for holding on tight. I too now look forward to simplicity and am excited to toast yet another Red Barn resource with a lovely cup of tea.

Warmly, C 

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