The chainsaw and the cherries

We have just returned from vacation and among all the images that one collects when you are in a different environment and noticing different things, the vacation memory that keeps returning to me is not the amazing clear blue expanse of Big Bear Lake or the buzz of happy families vacationing in Lake Arrowhead or the amazing wildlife that visited us in our lazy afternoon hammock, no. The primary image I have is an overflowing bag of ripe to eat cherries perched next to a rather leaky oily chainsaw on the 50’s pink ceramic tiled kitchen surface of our small Big Bear cabin.

This image stays with me because it seems to capture pretty much what we are about as a couple when we are away from the stresses of the day to day world. I am not sure how to articulate exactly what I mean by that but it is something around tolerance, the joy of manual labor, the love for great very simple food and the haphazardness and collision of many of those concepts. (Although I will admit the tolerance did wear thin by day 3 just around the time I chose to do a little ‘work’ on my laptop, the image took on an entirely different form in my mind and the chainsaw was moved to leak in a location that I felt more appropriate – note to self to learn from awareness.)

I think this is why I enjoy visual imagery so much. It provides a snapshot of the essence of something that we might find really hard to articulate. Essence is all about energy, the feeling and the moment. It is full of information and yet putting words to it can be really difficult.

To illustrate this point Marc just walked past me as I type and sees the heading of this blog. He looks up with glee and expresses his delight with a broad smile and twinkle in his eye. He recognizes this essence, it needs no further words.

What visual image would best describe your essence with your significant other, sister, child or other important person in your life? We would love to hear…

Wishing you wonderful vacation imagery this summer.

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