Not your ordinary week

Last week was not an ordinary week –

– I bought a Pilates and Gyrotonic business with a couple of friends
– We hired an architect who came back with a plan that might just be a our new addition
– The recently published magazine article actually arrived on the door mat
– I received a subpeona to attend family court
– We had four unrelated friends staying with us from out of town
– I moved into the land of ‘heart’ on my 14 week ‘Soul Journey’
and I turned 40.

Reading this now, I find that it is a fair amount of information to take in and yet I sailed through last week not entirely appreciating the impact of each event. I experience this with my clients too. In a session a client will say something pretty significant and then step on their internal accelerator and drive-thru, I am however not about to let them speed along that easily!

Witnessing is something that we coaches do so that our clients are able to stop and soak in what is going on in their lives, whether that be an achievement, a new awareness or a significant moment. When you think about it, we have third parties witness all sorts of events during our life, we will say ‘I witnessed a birth’ or ‘I was a witness at a wedding’ or ‘I witnessed that will’. We often stand witness to prove something happened, or didn’t happen and we call on witnesses for these contractual or big life events, but what about the smaller stuff of life, the things that happen day to day that may have a greater more positive impact if we only stopped to witness our own, and others lives, in motion.

It is simple, powerful and an honor to be a witness to someone’s triumphs however small they may seem to them, and we can all do it. We just need to be present, keep our eyes open and be still enough to notice the things that we and others do. If you have ever been caught in the act of doing something a bit naughty you will know a little something of what I am talking about; that person doesn’t need to say anything, just their very presence will cause you to blush. So what might be different if instead that witness caused you to flush with pride or help you see something in yourself that you may not have noticed before… wouldn’t that be worth a thousand words?

So this week the request is to be extra attentive, no drive-thru behavior, witness your children, your colleagues and your partner. Just be still enough to have them notice that you are noticing them. They may blush or flush, either way they will feel seen and their moment will be honored.


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