Vacation, stay-cation, be-cation

The results of last week’s poll, ‘What are you most looking forward to this summer?’ are as follows, drum roll please…..

64% of those who voted said they were most looking forward to:
‘BBQ’s, parties and outdoor activities’

14% of those who voted said they were most looking forward to:
‘Traveling abroad’

7% of those who voted said they were most looking forward to:
‘Summer movie block busters’

14% of those who voted said they were most looking forward to:
‘Summer fashions as they looked fabulous in yellow!’

0% of those who voted said:
‘Nothing, I prefer other seasons’.

From these results we could conclude that among our readership we have many summer loving social animals, who are more likely to spend time locally than travel, some of who love a good movie and look fabulous in yellow! All great things to know!!

The travel aspect is an interesting one. With the economy doing what it is doing you can choose a few perspectives. Some folks are choosing the stay-cation over the traditional yearly vacation while others are totting up exchange rates and are choosing to go further afield. A girlfriend of mine is in fact packing up her four children, husband and sister and heading for London and Rome as it is more affordable to do now than it has been for a long time. She is choosing a ‘let’s just go for it’ perspective on the current economic vibe.

The Red Barn lounge here in downtown Laguna Beach used to be an American Express Travel agent. Prior to taking the space over it had bright sunshine yellow walls with colorful travel brochures held neatly in rows of racks covering the majority of wall space. They also used to hang posters of far off destinations in their windows enticing passers by to come explore. Today mail still arrives from the travel companies touting their destinations, Alaskan Cruises, African Safaris, European Wine Excursions, and tours; ‘In the Wake of Lewis and Clarke’, ‘Canada’s Maritime Provinces’, ‘Genghis Khan’s Mongolia’ (I kid you not..). Each brochure full of vibrant pictures and tales of exotic adventure.

But what if you feel the need for vacation and neither your bank account or career seems to accommodate it? Well not only can you stay-cate, and wikipedia will inform you of both the benefits and risks (?!) of doing so, but you can also choose a new perspective on your daily life and have a ‘being vacation’.

Instead of being driven by all the things you ‘do’ everyday, choose who or what you want to ‘be’ everyday for a week.

A be-cation may look like the following –

– You may want to be an explorer, and change your route to work. Whether you drive or commute, pick a new route, be refreshed by your new surroundings.

– You may want to be more expressive, and change your clothing. Choose a theme for the week, a color, or way of dressing.

– You may want to be more casual, and change your routines. It is said that highly effective people have habits and it is also stated that a ‘change is as good as a rest’, so for a week, mix up your schedule or the order in which you do things.

– You may want to be more open to new things and change the food you eat. Not only can you choose to eat something different for lunch, you could arrange to meet different sets of friends every night for a week, and try new dining venues each time.

– You may want to be more stimulated, and choose to go to the movies, theater or a band during the week. There really is no need to wait for the weekend for your life to kick in.

So just for one week, take a ‘be-cation’, stop just ‘doing’ and consciously decide who or what you wish to be each day. You may just get into it and make it a way of life and you can always visit China next year.

Bon voyage

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