Life’s compartments

I have 13 compartments. 13 areas that I check in with regularly. I sometimes write them as a list and sometimes I write them as a bubble diagram floating on a page. The number of compartments sometimes fluctuates, but at the moment it is 13. Knowing this is grounding for me. I can look at them and feel in control. I can look at them and say, yep that is me, my life, my challenges, dreams and practical projects. How many compartments do you have?

I also see the connections in between, there are 13 distinct compartments but I also see the links, the dots that become naturally joined, a frisson of integration of each to another. I actually have a feeling that it could be the links that are most important, they create my story. My compartments are activities, initiatives or aspects of ‘being’ but the links in between? Well they are the cumulative energy that has me living on purpose and showing up as only I can do. How are you showing up?

I also notice that in every single one of my compartments there is at least one other person. In my lists and in my bubbles, the labels of each entity is accompanied by a person. Maybe these people have their own bubbles and lists and I appear in them too, who knows… I however am acutely aware that these people make my life vibrant, they make it challenging, they make it fun. To have a bubble without another human being in it would seem very odd to me.

I have been a proud, independent, self reliant woman for many years and let’s call it maturity for now, but somehow, I evolved. I evolved and found that self reliance isn’t all what it is cracked up to be, it is a concept that society for a certain period of time in our lives ‘sells us’. Now I am not intending to sell out independent women here, but when did any of us, male or female feel that asking for help, or for the expert opinions of others was off limits?? When did we begin to believe that we had to do everything on our own? We don’t. We simply need to know when to ask.

I couldn’t be who I am without those people in each of my bubbles. They support, challenge and share my dreams. I am resourceful, capable and in charge, and I am also choosing to be in relationship with others on my journey. Choosing to ask for help. Choosing to be in collaboration. Choosing to create with others. Choosing the strength that we know appears in numbers.

Yes, let’s just call it maturity for now…I am finally mature enough to realize that all life’s compartments are built from the choices we make. We can construct them. Complete them. Move them around and delete them, and we each get to choose our unique combination.

Try it, grab a blank sheet of paper, draw or write out all the aspects of your life. The key things that you have going on. The things that are important to you. Career, family, health, passions, world issues that interest you etc. etc.

What have you created? What do you notice? And who would you like to invite along for the ride?

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