Sharing ideas – leading to greater success

The 99% conference ended on Friday… if you wish to learn more check it out here The conference title references Edison’s quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration” and the conference’s content was curated around how we turn our ideas into reality.

One of the presentations was summarized by Linda Tischler, and it really resonated with me in regard to my own outlook and in regard to the coaching we do here at RBC.

“After surveying a large number of successful people, Behance found that those who have made things happen share several common principles. Midway through the conference, Scott Belsky, Behance’s CEO, took the stage to summarize them:

1. We should know our tendencies–are we dreamers, doers or and know what gets in our way.

2. Share ideas liberally–if it’s a really good idea, can it be replicated? If you share quickly, you’ll be more accountable. Chris Anderson (TED) -every time he has an idea, he puts it on his blog. GE-have a policy, if you have a best practice-and you don’t share, they call it stealing from the company.

3. Share ownership of ideas–don’t be wedded to doing it one way. How to share ownership, but know when to interject. Co-owning an idea may increase likelihood of its happening.

4. Seek Competition.

5. Fight your way to breakthroughs. When apathy happens, somebody drops the rope.

6. Don’t become burdened by consensus. Find the sacred extremes, and realize you have to compromise in the middle of the spectrum.

7. Present yourself (overcome the stigma of self-marketing.)”

The article was titled “Behance Best Practices-The 7 Principles of Success” and can be found on the Fast Company site here

You may also want to check out “Six Traits That Separate the Achievers From the Wannabes also written by Tischler.

If you read our last post you will already be delegating and mitigating, which takes care of #1 on this list, so now consider – what might a week of sharing ideas mean for you in the long term?

Have a wonderful week – and I hope all you Californians are successful in keeping cool (it’s a melting 96 degrees in Laguna Beach today!)

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