Everything is related and causing ripples

The universe is winking at me, a lot. In fact I think it might have tic.

It winked and joined many dots for me. Innocent little dots of information not looking to be joined at all, but the universe winked and as ever there was a lesson.

Firstly, in this month’s ICF OC issue of ‘INSIGHT’ we published an article by Peter Norlin, the Executive Director of the Organizational Development Network. Peter originally wrote the article for their own organization’s publication but it caught my eye as it was all about systemic ripples. In summary, it states that when you coach an executive at a company, it will undoubtably have a ripple effect across employees, interesting stuff, and if you want to read the article and the interview with Peter in full just visit www.icforangecounty.com/Newsletter/april

Then came Bill Nye the Science guy. If you haven’t yet caught his new show ‘Stuff Happens’ on Planet Green, it’s a must! Every week he takes a topic, The Workplace, The Closet, The Beach, The American Breakfast, and he tells you all the environmental facts you may ever wish to know about the topic. Last night I caught three back to back episodes and learned how the Gobi Desert goats, reared for cashmere, are causing really bad dust storms in Beijing! How non-organic egg farming is causing near crisis ammonia levels creating HUGE dead zones in the sea where no oceanic life can survive, and how our sunblock products are causing fish to change sex! Yeah, talk about ripple effects…

The next wink was a quote that announced itself into my email this morning –

It really boils down to this:
that all life is interrelated.

We are all caught in an
inescapable network of mutuality,
tied into a single garment of destiny.

Whatever affects one directly,
affects all indirectly.
I can never be what I ought to be
until you are what you ought to be.

This is the interrelated structure of reality.

~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

By now all I can see are ripples. The universe truly has my attention and I check in, (for me it’s a kind of internal spinning sensation, imagine a blonde Disney Princess whirling around on a dance floor in a big gown, yep, that’s me when I think I am missing something) to see what all of these references to things being interrelated may be all about. In the search I begin to think about what I had planned to write in the blog post today. I had planned to write how I was giving myself a hard time about what I didn’t get done last week. I was going to confess that while I encourage others to look at what they DID achieve, I wasn’t being so compassionate about my own goals and outcome, and just then the talking Disney teapot boinks me over the head.

Yes I could continue to be dismayed at what I didn’t achieve, I could also continue to measure how successful I was, or not, at any given task, or instead I could stop and consider all the ripples that I generated last week with the pebbles that I did cast. With all the ‘doing’ that we take on I am not sure we can possibly comprehend what impact we are truly having unless we pause to look over our shoulder. We have developed into creatures that eat up lists for breakfast, loading more onto ourselves and others, but what if it isn’t about more. On some days a big wave may be exhilarating but it is not always necessary or appropriate. Instead it seems that there is value in simply recognizing and owning, good or bad, even the smallest impact that we make.

Where I may have believed that I had fallen short or failed, I am now seeing something new. I am appreciating the complete interrelatedness of life and enter this new week enjoying the idea of swapping out my tidal wave like lists, for ripple causing pebbles and watching their reach.

What would it be to cause conscious and intentional ripples this week?


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