Universal Flirts

When we walk around with our eyes wide open we will notice all the Universal Flirts; the Universe giving us signals to help us on our way. I promise you they are there, you just need to be open to them. You may call some of these moments ‘coincidence’ or something that is ‘spooky’ or ‘eerie’. You know the moments. Those times when something you see in the world triggers a thought, you get a little sensory jolt or a bolt of inspiration. Our upbringing has made it culturally appropriate to put these moments aside or to ignore them, but what if that were different?

What if we had a culture that embraced its one-ness with the universe and when we saw something signaling to us it was natural to act on it? It is pretty nonsensical to me that so many of the population are prepared to accept that our surroundings have nothing to offer us and choose to walk around blindly. Today I am appreciating the Universal flirts that surround the Red Barn office space. Firstly our address is #9, which for me is a sacred number, (I’ll save what’s behind that for another post) and then there is the site itself.

I spent my formative years working in theater (yes, something in me still wants to spell it the English way ‘theatre’), from usher, stagedoor keeper, follow spot operator, through to Front of House Manager and Theater Manager. From the ages of 14 to 24 I worked in various London Theaters, first visited US soil performing with a theater company when I was 16, and worked with a touring dance company. And it didn’t stop there, I just made the transition to Corporate Theater, working in incredible venues creating experiential spectacles for the corporate world. I am very at home in theaters, I understand them, I grew up in them.

So for me it is not at all strange that I get a lot of nourishment simply from the geography of the Red Barn space, built on the site of the original Laguna Beach Playhouse. And every day I get to be with the three elements that remain to honor this. Directly underneath my office window there is bench honoring two actors, I sometimes eat my lunch here in the sunshine and imagine the smell, the heat of the lamps and the thrills and spills that come with theater life and just across from the bench is a monument to the actors ‘call sheet’.

It shows that the theater opened on this site in 1924 and became dark, permanently, in the year I was born. Eerie? Some may say so. Then there is the incredible Pepper Tree. The plaque that accompanies it states, “Norma Nofziger Memorial Tree, through her efforts the Old Playhouse Pepper Tree was saved for the people of Laguna Beach. May it survive as a living monument to a remembrance of things past”

So while, as a coach, I look to the future in all I do, I also allow myself to feel those kindred souls in Norma, David and Betsy and let myself be fully enveloped by this most comforting of Universal flirts, the one that tells me, I am home.

What is the Universe sharing with you?


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