Nourishing Body Work

As most of you are aware Candice and I love to find some new deliciously nourishing thing to tell you about. Well I came across a type of body work that I think sounds divine.
Although new to me it has been around since 1980, and it’s called, “Breema”
Developed by a Chiropractor named Jon Schreiber, after finishing his chiropractic education he wanted something more than a traditional practice so he found eight like-minded colleagues, and together they created the “9 Principals of Harmony”
Here are the nine principals:

1. Body Comfortable
When we look at the body, not as something separate, but as an aspect of a unified whole, there is no place for discomfort.

2. No Extra
To express our true nature, nothing extra is needed.

3. Firmness and Gentleness
Real firmness is always gentle. Real gentleness is always firm. When we are present, we naturally manifest firmness and gentleness simultaneously.

4. Full Participation
The most natural way of moving and living is with full participation. Full participation is possible when body, mind, and feelings are united in a common aim.

5. Mutual Support
The more our Being participates, the more we are able to support life and recognize that Existence supports us. Giving and receiving support take place simultaneously.

6. No Judgment
The atmosphere of nonjudgment gives us a taste of acceptance of ourselves as we are in the moment. When we come to the present, we are free from judgment.

7. Single Moment/Single Activity
Each moment is new, fresh, totally alive. Each moment is an expression of our true nature, complete by itself.

8. No Hurry/No Pause
In the natural rhythm of life energy, there is no hurry and no pause.

9. No Force
When we let go of assumptions of separation, we let go of force.

Breema body workers practice these principals in their daily lives to help raise their own connection to body mind & feelings. During a Breema session the client lies on a mat on the floor, fully clothed, while the practitioner uses nurturing touch, tension- relieving stretches, and rhythmic movements to create physical, mental, and emotional balance, in an atmosphere of harmony and non judgment. The practitioner will choose which of the many stretches and movements seems appropriate based on the 9 principals.

Jon Schreiber calls the 9 principals ” the art of being present” The Nine Principles of Harmony are the key to the system’s many unique facets, from its enlivening effect on both practitioner and recipient, to its ability to create deep receptivity and tangible well-being. Breema practitioners view their clients not as sore muscles or non functioning knees, or having a bad elbow, but as being whole and OK, just as they are.

Breema’s uniquely non-judgmental approach nurtures as it enlivens, releasing tension while creating a new relationship between the mind and the body that allows the feelings to come into balance. will give you more information, as well as help you find a Breema Body worker near you. Breema bodywork is appropriate for anyone interested in a practical way to deepen their relationship to life while nurturing the body.


Info for this article found in Jan issue of Spirituality & Health Magazine. and

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