Last week a ‘Genius’ declared my laptop dead and blogging went a little awry. Adam the ‘said genius’ informed me that all might not be lost as one of their licensed disk recovery centers would more than likely be able to retrieve my files and I noticed that I almost immediately entered a phase of ‘LIBERATION and RESOURCEFULNESS’.

At this point I really didn’t have too many facts and chose not to get upset or stressed and while I was attempting to get an appointment at ‘TechRoom’ I discovered several things – a. I really like sketching in my black note book which I had been neglecting b. that a computer free day during the week would actually really benefit me and c. that picking up a phone to get things done can be very satisfying

Once I made my appointment I pootled off to give my mac to the very nice people at ‘Techroom’, taking it all in my stride and choosing to visit Cold Stone Creamery for icecream and a short walk in the warmth of the sun prior to driving back home. I was entering a phase of pure HOPE which felt kind of light, fluffy and chocolatey sweet, I was continuing to choose to let things be what they were.

12 hours later as VAGUE ANNOYANCE creeps up on me, I realize that I am going through the the 5 stages of ‘Technology Grief’. Yes I could sketch, I could use a phone, I could declare a computer free day but why oh why did I choose to run out the door the prior week having only backed up a handful of important files, yes they were the most important but not backing up my corporate client files – what was I thinking?!

Rasheed at Techroom called me the following day at just around the moment I was drawing out what my desk top looked like, from the little photographic memory I have; annotating folders and files so they might know what they were looking for but the news wasn’t great, the head on the hard drive was kaput and they couldn’t retrieve a thing, I would have to send it to the hardware dismantling mecca in Northern California.

Drive Savers in Novato (if nothing else this blog is going to give you great info of where to go if this happens to you) were a delight in that very grounded NoCal way. The price that was quoted was however not so pleasant and here presented itself the moment of WASTE and DESPAIR. Based on the information that I thought I needed to retrieve it was going to be around $1800 – $2500 and I found myself doing the math on what that may equate to in my ‘woman hours’ to recreate a bunch of files..and the equation wasn’t that hard. However then there were the photo and music libraries, the latter, while valuable (how many itunes had I purchased over the years) seemed to negate itself, I could re purchase for a lower price, but the photos? This lovely man on the end of the phone had the capability of recapturing photos from the last 10 years which may seem like a no brainer, but really, aren’t memories priceless and don’t I trust myself to remember all those precious moments? It felt as if the request to retrieve the photos was actually an act of backing up my own memory! Which led to the final and fifth stage of REVELATION and LETTING GO.

My intention for 2009 is ‘to unclutter and be in serenity’ and being stripped of a lot of ‘documents to file’ on my desktop and probably more than a few unedited out of focus pictures seems to pretty much deliver on this. If I am to walk my talk this year, it feels that trying to retrieve a bunch of electronic assets just goes against the grain and as for anything important that I may be missing, I am just trusting that it will appear back in my life again.

So today I find myself a little less cluttered, resourcefully recreating and very happy to be walking my talk.


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