Checking in on what nourishes you..

I have been writing various responses to corporate RFP’s (request for proposals) and have repeatedly been writing out the Red Barn Coaching modality which is that we coach individuals and relationship systems around three simple elements of fulfillment a. to be authentic, b. to know where we are headed and c. to nourish ourselves everyday, whether that is remembering to laugh, hug someone, have the time and space to be creative, workout or eat comfort food!

Today it reminded me to check in on my own nourishing list as published last year and to notice what might be new… so again in no particular order…

1. The lyrics to ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Beddingfield
(This remains on the list, I was just dancing in my office to it this morning and I am also sneaking in Craig Armstrong’s composition for the balcony scene from Baz Lurman’s Romeo and Juliet. It is a breathtaking piece of music.)

2. My tiny beach shack
(Yes this remains on the list, though the idea of improving it might be the more nourishing idea..going to consider this a little more…)

3. My boyfriend Marc and all the yummy meals he makes time to cook for me
(Still yummy…boy and food)

4. Cuddling up to my dog Poppy while she snores.
(Of course…)

5. My incredible friends who support me in all I do
(Oh my gosh… I am overwhelmed with the generosity and live in gratitude everyday)

6. NEW ENTRY! My quirky office and all that RBC allows me to do.

7. NEW ENTRY! Cheese and chocolate…very careless to have left them off last year..

8. NEW ENTRY! The thrills of this week, the possibilities of real CHANGE. Yes We Can…

9. The life learnings I gain everyday from my clients
(Nourished to still approach each day with some aspect of ‘beginners mind’ and the preparedness to encounter the completely unexpected!)

10. Whimsy, laughter and Tord Boontje
(Tord is still super cool but so is the wonderful Creative Simon Kennedy who brought my whimsy to life last year. I think #10 becomes about nourishment in collaboration, without it my world would be a stark stark place.)

So that is my check in, and I commit to be aware of these morsels of nourishment as I go about 2009. What about you? Some of you generously shared your top ten lists last year and we would love an update, and for those of you new to this blog please post your ‘Nourishing Top 10 list’ into the comments section of this post, we would love to read them.

The joy of sharing aside it is actually a great structure to have, you will have a list to check in with so you can create habits of the things that nourish you and whenever you are feeling a little ‘off’ it is more than likely that you have neglected your nourishing list and choosing to do one or more of your items could get you back on track.

Excited to see what nourishes you.

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A Red Barn Coaching initiative

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4 Responses to “Checking in on what nourishes you..”

  1. 1 Catherine Fages January 29, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    These past couple of months have been easy for me, even though I am stressed beyond belief. Some days are extremely difficult for me to begin, yet they are not, reason being I am fortunate to realize the things which nourish soul.

    1. Kya – a gorgeous ball of happiness. Each moment I spend with this little pup is a true blessing.

    2. All of Kya’s buddies (the list is soooo long.)

    3. Walking along the beach with my doggie clients in the mornings is incredibly powerful. The only conversation I have for the first several hours of my day is wordless and EXTREMELY meaningful.

    4. Spending time with the friends that know me for me. I may be bouncing of the walls with excitement, tearful or goofy which ever color I am shining…they know me.

    5. Food! Preparing and sharing meals with those I adore does wonders for my piece of mind.

    6. Food Network…um…it does the same as number 5.

    7. Working out. I get to be as sweaty and smelly as possible and the others around me don’t mind : )

    8. Birds. The moments I am able to sit back and listen to the birds chat amongst themselves is soothing.

    9. Cuddling, yet another wordless wonder that feels incredibly gorgeous.

    10. Obama

  2. 2 Jo B January 30, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    1. Learning – my newish found faith and my Geography studies – both amazing.

    2. Spending time with my brilliant family – mum, dad, brothers, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew, aunts, uncles, cousins…

    3. Hanging out with friends – chatting and laughing.

    4. Cycling – anywhere really, but particularly along the South Coast and South Downs of England.

    5. Pilates with great teacher Mel.

    6. Eating out at favourite restaurants and cooking wholesome food.

    7. Sitting on a hill or mountain top and gazing at wonderful view.

    8. Sharing breathtaking concerts, dance, theatre with someone I love.

    9. Hugs, massage – tactile stuff.

    10. Living in Bristol and knowing I’m on the right path…

    (11. Wearing lovely clothes!)


  3. 3 Lisa Stefan February 4, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    In thinking about this, I remembered Candice’s blog about inner roles and secret selves. Although there are far more than 10 roaming around in my psyche, here are the “most popular” and how they are nourished:
    1. For my Inner Woman of Leisure: All of my indulgent self-care rituals – spa day, massage, facials with the most amazing aesthetician on the planet…
    2. For my Inner Meditator: The ocean. The rhythmic waves are so hypnotizing and I get lost in its expansiveness.
    3. For my Inner Lazybones: Pajama Day! There’s nothing like a whole entire day of bed head and snuggling on the couch with Jim.
    4. For my Inner Muse and Trusted Advisor: Sneaking a peek at other peoples’ mojo — and then telling them about it!
    5. For my Inner Little Girl: My mom’s ‘sinigang’ recipe. It’s a Filipino soup that’s out of this world. My kind of comfort food – yum.
    6. For my Inner Athlete and my Inner Seeker: Hot yoga. (A two-fer!)
    7. For my Inner Creative: Long, hot showers (where some of my best thinking happens)
    8. For my Inner Diva: Singing at the top of my lungs in the car by myself.
    9. For my Inner Pole Dancer: Well, I’ll leave that one to your imagination 🙂
    10. For my Inner Girlfriend: Creating memories with all of my friends and family. From touching moments of vulnerability to hearty, can’t-catch-your-breath belly-laughs and everything in between.
    And, oh my goodness, how could I forget…
    a pint of pale ale for all of them!

  4. 4 Penny February 7, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Many of mine are still the same.
    Though I have a few new ones due to
    my new location.

    Laughing with Jacquie ( my daughter)
    Head touching with Shanna (my 29 year old Arabian horse)
    Doing the moving meditation with my dance troupe before a performance.
    The sparkle and jingle of belly dance costumes.
    The way the snow glistens in the sunlight.
    My first cup of tea in the morning.
    Seeing the Rocky Mountains off in the distance.
    My new Indian, Bedouin, Afghani, Tribal,
    design for my room.
    Meaningful connection with people
    Creating thru connection.

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