Celebration in the North

There was a mini-exodus from Canada this weekend bound for Capitol Hill. Bus loads of people driving down to Washington, people car pooling, flying. The co-founder of Canadians For Obama bought his ticket before Obama had even won the democratic nomination.

Canadians worked here, to reach out to US and Dual citizens living in Canada to direct them to votefromabroad.org to request their absentee ballot and Canadians For Obama also helped to recruit Canadians to canvass battlegrounds such as Fort Worth, Tex., and Charlotte, N.C. The co-founder said the most striking thing about Canadian Obama supporters was that “they came from every single political stripe: We had federal Liberals, we had NDP, we had Green Party members, even some Conservatives. It was literally the whole [gamut] of the spectrum, but coming together around a common cause.” Inauguration parties are being planned across the country, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa to name a few. One small town is showing the Inauguration at the local movie house and giving away free popcorn.

Obama will make Canada his first foreign trip as President, most U.S. presidents have paid their first international visits to Canada, America’s northern neighbor and largest trading partner. A new poll conducted for the Citizen by Compass Research suggests that an overwhelming number of Canadians see the first black president as a force for improvement in the world economy, North American security and race relations in Canada, the majority of Canadians appear to see the new American president as a centrist after their own hearts. Whatever the reasons, Canadians are excited about Obama and the hope for change. So as tomorrow approaches, your neighbors to the north are celebrating with you, and look forward to what unfolds in this historic time.

Happy Inauguration Day from Calgary

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