2 Hens and a Rooster

In the spirit of giving at this time of year I’d like to tell you about what might seem like some unusual gifts and how we can have a part in giving them.

Chickens are tremendous blessings for a family in need. Two hens and a rooster can produce up to 150 eggs a year. The eggs can produce more chickens—great for food, hatching and sale at market. Raising flocks of chickens is an easy and profitable small business that’s ideal for single moms and children.

Piglets, these fast-growing animals can plump up to 42 kilos in 3 months, are simple to raise, a great source of protein and provide “natural” fertilizer for gardens. One breeding sow can produce a litter of piglets per year—which can be sold for additional income.

A Latrine for a community, lack of proper sanitation makes children sick, keeps them from school and contributes to thousands of preventable deaths each year. Properly built and installed latrines and hygiene education can improve health for a community.

Then there are:
Guinea Pigs
Bicycle and Repair Kit
Fishing Kit
Greenhouse for a Family
HIV and AIDS Care Kit
Hygiene Kit for a Child
Irrigation Foot Pump
Olive Trees
Ox and Plough
School Learning Aids
Sprinkles Nutritional Supplement

Water Buffalo

These are just a few of the gifts that are possible to buy for a family or community,
visit www.worldvision.ca and click on ‘gift catalogue’ to see what’s possible.

If animals are not your gift of choice perhaps clean drinking water is. Every day more than 4000 children in developing countries die, simply because they don’t have clean drinking water. More children die from diarrheal illnesses like cholera and dysentery, than from HIV/AIDS or malaria combined.

Visit www.csdw.org ( Children’s Safe Drinking Water) and see how $1.00 can provide a child with clean drinking water for 50 days, $7.50 can provide a child with clean drinking water for a year and $30.00 can provide a family with clean water for a year.

There are countless organizations who’s work makes it possible for us to give on behalf of and in the name of our friends and family, www.allthingschristmas.com is a great resource for many different Christmas related charity programs.

Simple ways to truly give a gift that keeps on giving.
Happy Holidays

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