Noticing what wants to happen….

Ever tried to get something done and felt like you were banging your head against a brick wall? Ever been frustrated that things just aren’t going the way you want it to? Not sure why some things just seem so hard?

If so, instead of boiling over or suffering in silence did you ever just press pause, take a step back and notice what is ‘wanting to happen’?

We sometimes get wrapped up in the belief that we need to hold onto projects, relationships, finances and other aspects of our life very very tightly, but what are the possibilites if we let go a little and give what ever it is some breathing room?

Firstly, I will assure you that you will feel a hell of a lot better, even those ‘Type A’ masters of control out there will reap the benefits of loosening the grip the little. The second thing that will happen is that you will now have some space so that you can actually notice the signals of what wants to happen.

OK so at first glance it might seem in some cases that it is chaos that wants to happen or possibly a relationship wants to end but what if a little mess was what was needed to discover a new solution and what if those involved would actually benefit from the relationship ending? You may also notice that a burden may get lifted, a goal may be attained with more ease, you get the opportunity to course correct and a little magic could be created.

Try it. Look at the areas of your life where you are possibly struggling or holding on too tight. Think about the situation and ask yourself ‘What is wanting to happen here?’…..

I promise you there will be wisdom there.

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