Look within and create your signature space

Bravo’s ‘Top Design’ is back on TV along with all its drama. Back in February I sat with the casting application eagerly scribbling out my personal philosophies on interior design and who my sources of inspiration were, I even made a short film that was required for the application. I had a vision of getting into that final 16 and being the one designer that actually bothered asking questions and taking a proper brief for each of the assignments.

I don’t believe that a style should be imposed on people, the idea of interior designers having a signature style is great in boutique hotels as we can choose to visit or not to visit, but to have someone come into your home and do design ‘to it’ is just plain bizarre to me. I believe that we are all deeply affected by our surroundings, not just in regard to the flow and functionality but how we view our treasured objects, our sources of inspiration and how we each personally react to color.

Now for those of you that love HGTV, this may come as a shock but meaningful design doesn’t work like that! The idea that design can be ‘done on a dime’ or that you can vacate your home, return 48 hours later and love everything in the transformation is just not true! To have an environment that reflects who you are at your most authentic is something that you need to be part of and not only in the present; this will be an evolving living process and considering who you are becoming and how your lifestyle may change is also an integral part of developing a design that supports you. It is more akin to buying clothes than you would think, and I am sure most of you wouldn’t dream of having someone else buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes for you without an in depth consultation!

I have been working on creating design filters from my client’s personal values for a while now and am now using a graphic model that is very user friendly for folks to manifest environments where they will thrive. Next week my collaboration with interior designer Cheryl Gardewine of Studio CG will launch, where we will be offering this exploration of values prior to Cheryl even placing her talented pen on paper.

To help shift people’s mindsets and to create awareness we are offering an online survey too, so if you have 10 minutes feel free to go play, and if you do leave your details I promise you will not be bombarded with mailers from us, instead we are genuinely interested in how you think about your space.

I have been promising to compile a ‘values-to-design’ book to show people that developing their own signature space is only a few powerful questions away, so if you are interested in being part of that your input would be valuable.

So here is the link www.studiocginteriors.com

This is an opportunity to look around you and see what you love, are influenced by and if you are intrigued to have your values turned into design filters you know where we are.

As for that Bravo ‘Top Design’ application? I realized that the TV production madness really wasn’t all that appealing and important to me but being a coach that listens, looks and brings awareness to how our environments can provide us with nourishment is.

How does your daily environment make you feel?

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