The nourishing sweet spot – a new career or venture

With school back in session and summer coming to a close (I live in California so can be in denial around the latter if I so choose..) there is the feeling of new beginnings in the air. I coach people around many different life challenges and celebrations but the question of the month seems to be ‘How do I choose a new career that is right for me?’

The idea of staying with a company for the long haul is becoming an outdated concept, instead we find that as we grow and develop we become conversant in a broad range of skills that can be applied to many different industries widening the field of opportunity and of course we all have our ‘dream jobs’ that we harbor and yet almost dare not mention out aloud…..

For some the idea of switching career or changing jobs can be paralyzing; I am a believer that if you know what your purpose is in this wonderful universe of ours and what impact you want to make your field of vision gets more focussed. If you use your idea of purpose to help your choose what you are going to do for the best part of your week it will contribute to a life of fulfillment. Now helping you all find your purpose in this post alone is a little bit of a tall order but what I can do is share another tool that may help you brainstorm a direction for your new career, vocation, profession or venture.

Simply recreate the rings on your own piece of paper and think about what each ring represents for you:

– What am I passionate about?
– What can I be really great at?
– What drives my economic engine?

Once you have thought about those inquiries, start to note your thoughts in each of the relevant rings (you may want to have a couple of these handy as you will be crossing things out a lot and moving thoughts around)…as you write, check out where the intersections lay….is there something that you are passionate about that you could also make money from? Is there something that you can be great at that you are also passionate about? If so place them in the intersections. Once you have jotted a few things down zoom out, pause to look at everything you have written and see what occurs when one of your ideas or thoughts can be answered in the affirmative for all three questions. You will find yourself writing in the ‘sweet spot’ where all three rings intersect.

For an example you may be 1. passionate about human anatomy and the brain and you may believe that 2. you could be a great surgeon, however going to school for 8 years may not drive 3 – your economic engine, training for two years you may be able to handle but 8 that might be a stretch… so in this instance ‘Brain surgeon’ may not make it into the middle ‘sweet spot’. Alternatively you might be 1. passionate about organic wool, felts and natural materials 2. great at designing, knitting and sewing and can totally see how 3. setting up a company creating unique accessories could drive your economic engine – see how an idea can come together?

This is a fun exercise to do and highly revelatory, the key here is not to be afraid to make a mess, you can always copy the ideas that are resonating most onto a new version of the three intersecting rings and add to it. So if you feel a ‘new beginning’ is for you give this a go, explore and discover what turns up!

Have fun with it!

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1 Response to “The nourishing sweet spot – a new career or venture”

  1. 1 Bridget September 5, 2008 at 11:17 am

    This was truly a nourishing conversation for me. After the week I had, this felt like you were speaking to me and me alone. While I know that is not the case, it did nourish my soul and psyche.

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