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Charles Michael Murray – Endangered Planet

Charles Michael Murray is one busy man. Not only does he run the Endangered Planet gallery, but he is also founder of the Endangered Planet foundation (partial proceeds from the gallery go to the foundation) and is currently curating a plethora of folks to speak at the upcoming ‘one earth | one dream’ festival and symposium that is billed as “West Coast’s premier environmental festival, featuring Innovative Exhibits, Art, Environmental Awareness, Healthy Living, Films, Music and Notable Speakers”.

Notable would be correct, amongst the many professionals on the Endangered Planet Foundation’s board there are international directors and past directors of the UN and former UN Ambassador and High Commissioner of United Nations Anwarul Chowdhury will chair a major component of this landmark event, and yesterday included a visit to LA for Charles where he met with a team of USC professors who are to speak on the closing day of the symposium about the environmental action points for the next administration…something that I would like hear.

The foundation is involved in other initiatives too; going by the gallery earlier this month, I watched several kids from the high school painting a large mural under the charge of Joanne Tawfilis, another Endangered Planet Foundation director and founder of the Art Murals Project. Charles explained to me that what I had witnessed that day was in fact one half of a mural being painted, and that today I am actually finding him carefully packaging it and sending it to children in Jordan who will complete the other half.

He also told me about the Shoes of Hope event that was held locally last week, an interactive initiative that involves painting messages on donated shoes that are then shipped internationally to children in need. “Through combining the practicality of shoes with emotional, passionate messages, lives are changed and hope is spread” Source – art miles murals

I asked Charles with so many different initiatives going on within the foundation what was the overall vision here? In answer he explained that this was about looking toward our future and that “the foundation began as a catalyst… to give back to my son’s grandchildren…. it’s an educational process bringing people together through the arts and connecting through technology”.

Charles can also recite to you the more formal mission statement with ease, the “Endangered Planet Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the Earth through education, dialog, the dissemination of knowledge and the recognition that advances in technology can provide many of the answers which will lead to a sustainable future”.

I observed with all that was going on now and in preparation for October’s event he really can’t be getting much sleep at the moment, this was met with his light friendly laugh and a comment that I had noticed! Very quickly followed with “yes we all have day jobs too, but having collective spirits coming together is fulfilling, rewarding and refreshing…”

I left Charles to wrap up that mural on its way to the kids in Jordan and felt myself become refreshed. Refreshed with that deep knowing that really any one of us can create a positive expansive ripple in the world; we just need to choose to do it.

one earth | one dream
October 2-5 2008
“Autumnal Green Festival” & “Life on the Edge” Symposium
To be held in Laguna Beach, California at the Festival grounds
For more details, booth space and sponsorship opportunities please visit

See you there,

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Hop, skip and jump toward less stress….

I have just looked into purchasing my first blood pressure monitor primarily for those clients who have not visited a doctor for a while and come to me for stress consultancy. They will use it to see if they are just feeling stressed or if they actually have some related hypertension (high blood pressure) too and if this is the case I will be asking them to go and see their doctor, so we can incorporate any of the physiological findings into developing a safe comprehensive stress management program together.

The reason that this is important is that exercise is Intervention #4 of the comprehensive stress model that I work with and as we know for those of us that have led sedentary lives we need to ease into exercise and may need some professional support before doing so.

As ever the irony is not lost on me, while exercise is very much part of the model I work with – where I support and respect it in my Stress consultancy and Coaching practice, I am not known for my ‘active lifestyle’. Last Thursday a friend driving past my house left an incredulous voicemail on my cell phone “OMG.. did I just see bikes strapped to the back of your vehicle?…NO… Did someone else move in? Did someone kidnap you and take your car?…What’s going on there? No.. this is odd.. call me….”

I personally have never had that pull toward a gym and even though I have been known in the past to lay prone on a yoga mat and take private pilates lessons, today it is time to walk (or in my case ride) my own talk and ease back into some fun exercise. I actually have an inkling that this side of me makes me entirely more approachable to consult on stress; I am completely non judgmental about my clientele’s current exercise regimes, instead the intention of the fourth intervention, the one that involves exercise is to work together to find something that works for the individual.

Now what follows is NOT an idea for those of us ‘easing back into exercise’ or for the unfit, but it is something that I can no longer ignore as it seems to be permeating my every online experience (give whoever did the marketing a round of applause)…’The Human Race’ is almost upon us, a 10K worldwide run sponsored by Nike on August 31st, for information visit The world 10K.

Running isn’t for everyone, but in regard to stress management, psychological benefits aside (just for sake of space as there are many), running is said to reduce hypertension by strengthening the heart and lowering blood pressure, it also encourages you to use the 50% of your lungs that usually go unused; yes deep breathing is VERY important in managing stress… and it also boosts the immune system by creating a higher concentration of lymphocytes which are the white blood cells that attack disease that significantly deplete when we are stressed.

So if you are interested in the whole running thing here are some more websites for your information…

New York Road Runners calendar

Training site for the Los Angeles Marathon

Ramp up for the October Marathon in Detroit

And if you are someone who is interested in keeping your kids healthy and entertained over the summer check out this site, British heart foundation activities for healthy kids

In a post back in May I asked what your intentions were for Summer ’08, could getting healthy and having less stress in your life be part of that intent?

P.S. If you are interested in all 5 steps of the simple comprehensive stress model that I use just leave a comment or pop me an email at and I will send you a free copy so you too can begin to be in control of your stress. And shiney new monitor aside, if you feel that you are in need of some one-on-one stress consultancy, appointments are available via phone too.

P.P.S Transcript of voicemail printed entirely without permission because that’s just what happens when you leave such sarcastic messages!

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Bring on the sheep….

Today’s post was going to be a conversation about something quite different, but given I am open to writing about what shows up, it now seems far more appropriate to write about the nourishment of sleep.

This is top of mind because this household is deprived and therefore fairly undernourished this week. The dog has ears full of very itchy hair (the sorry plight of a schnauzer), my other half is on some kind of odd sleep pattern due to recent projects and workload and I, who can normally sleep anywhere at pretty much anytime, through anything, am now suffering intermittent sleep patterns; primarily due to the constant floor drumming of a scratching dog!

So to rectify this, the dog has just returned from an ear pluck at the vets and Marc is planning some physical exertion in the garden later on today and I feel I will benefit from both…

But what other methods might help?

I have been taught in my meditation studies that for optimum recharging it is recommended that we sleep with our heads to the north so we are in alignment with the electromagnetic field of the earth and that we should lie on our right sides to minimize pressure on our hearts so it doesn’t have to pump so hard… you can read all about it in Joel and Michelle Levy’s book ‘Simple Meditation and relaxation’, however facing north and remembering to lie on my right side just doesn’t sound so simple so this is when I turn to self-hypnosis.

I actually lightly hypnotized a friend in a hotel lobby the other day…not because I was abusing the training but because she was very keen to know if she could be hypnotized (she could..). Frankly most people can, it is all about ‘suggestion’ and if you have ever watched a great film, been really into it and believed in the characters and shared their emotions, you are already very open to the power of suggestion.

This brings me to the concept of counting sheep. It works, but there are nuances that vary its efficacy. Hypnotherapist C. Roy Hunter has a variance that goes as follows; firstly he believes in counting backwards instead of forward, and feels that you can imagine the numbers anyway you want, actually printed on the sheep (or any other animal of your choice, our dog would surely choose bunnies), or maybe the numbers have a friendly character in their own right as they jump that fence, pass you by, or fade into the distance. He then states that at the point where you feel yourself ‘drift’ you can either ‘help or hinder’ sleep, so here is the recommendation….get comfortable, take three very DEEP breaths and continue to breathe deeply as you use words similar to these….

“As I count backward from 100, one number per breath, my mind just wishes to drift off to sleep…100..(take a deep breath)……………..
I can imagine seeing or hearing each number just before I say it to myself…99…(take a deep breath)
As I imagine this peaceful place with pleasant sights and sounds and feelings the numbers start to get farther away………………………98…(take a deep breath)
As the numbers get smaller and smaller I get sleepier and sleepier………………97..(take a deep breath)
My mind starts wandering as I wander closer to the realm of deep sleep, getting sleepy.. ………..96…..(take a deep breath)
The more my mind wanders the sleepier I get………….. and my mind wanders away from remembering the numbers………………………95…(take a deep breath)
The numbers are easier to forget..or difficult to remember…and I get sleepier and sleepier……………….94…(take a deep breath)
When I forget the last number, or skip the next number or repeat a number, it doubles my drowsiness……………… #….(take a deep breath)
If I take two breaths between numbers or forget to remember a number my mind just wants to go to sleep……… #…(take a deep breath)
The numbers are getting farther, smaller… deeper and deeper into my sleep…………next #…(take a deep breath)
I try to stay with the numbers but my mind wants to wander… or drift…and wander… to sleep…next #…(take a deep breath)”

If you are still awake at this point take two deep breaths between numbers but apparently it is incredibly rare for anyone who is lying comfortably and breathing deeply to get to the last number when following this kind of suggestive script.

I can hear some nay sayers amongst you now worring about having to learn this script… and what I say to you is that it is the ‘essence and suggestion’ of the script that is important, so just read it through a couple of times and try it… well not right now….it would be nice if you finished reading this post!

Here come the words of caution… some sleeping conditions have physical causes, so if you have a ‘knowing’ that might be true for you go see a physician now and stop the suffering. If you are already on medication for insomnia also talk to your physician to educate yourself on how self-hypnosis may or not work for you BEFORE trying it!

So tonight, depending on the result of the ear pluck and the likelihood of the laptop actually being put aside this evening in trade of some physical exertion in the garden, I may well be teaching both the dog and my man to count soft gentle, number carrying, smiling sheep that fade and slip so peacefully into the distance so tomorrow we may all feel nourished once more….

Sweet dreams
– For more self-hypnosis exercises check out “Master the power of self-hypnosis’ by C.Roy Hunter. It teaches about subconscious programming and is full of scripts targeting many areas of your life where you may want to attain ‘health, wealth and happiness”.

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The Gift of Friendship

“It takes many friendships to make a life. Our friends bring out the best of our being. Through friendships we can realize the highest that is in us- “
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My daughter and I just saw Mamma Mia. Fun music, beautiful Greek island, amusing characters. What I especially enjoyed was the reuniting of dear friends. It mattered not whether it was friends of a few years or of many decades. This movie accentuated something I’ve been focusing on, with some intensity for awhile now, Friendship.

All the shapes, sizes and colors that friendships come in. They are as unique as the people in them. What friendship brings into our lives. Great conversations, shared memories. How rich my life is because of friends.

Friends share our joys and trials, they support us, they nudge us along when we need it. Or even give us that loving kick in the pants. Those people who love us with all our crazy quirks, who tells us we have spinach in our teeth, those friends who help us to not take ourselves so seriously. Those who never let us forget how to have fun.

As children we make friends instantly. A shared glance and we’ve spent the day together and we have a new best friend.

“We have been friends together,
In sunshine and in shade;
Since first beneath the chestnut-trees
In infancy we played.”

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

As teenagers we have all had, or are having, defining moments with friends, coming of age moments, that still bring a smile to our faces. Remembering a friend can warm our heart. Some things just don’t seem real until we’ve told our friend.

Now tell me…..

How has friendship touched your life? Tell me about that friend that makes you laugh ’til you cry. The one that knows you as well as you know yourself. Or the one you just met and you have an instant connection. This is an opportunity to acknowledge our friends for who they are in our lives.

“To me fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still.”

William Shakespeare

I’ll start…
To ‘RBB’, we haven’t known each other long, but you truly bring out the best in me and you always make me laugh.

Hugs Penny

Excerpts from Friendship, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
We have been Friends Together, by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
Sonnet 104, by William Shakespeare

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Matthew Shaffer – Park(ing) spaces

So earlier this week I was exchanging emails in regard to a get together I am having next Monday with some girlfriends up in the bay area and brunch or lunch and a walk were aired in regard to potential activites. Now being a Londoner I’m not afraid of a walk (especially if it is in the direction of a local pub) and in the 10 years that I have lived on US soil I still haven’t reverted to that anti walking behaviour of driving from one side of the mall to the other. However, I believe that in Northern California ‘walk’ actually means ‘hike’ so there I was reading the email and having to now consider appropriate wardrobe and band aid choices.

One of the girlfriends then sent an email enquiring if we wanted to brunch and then ‘walk’ or ‘walk’ then brunch.. I saw my opportunity and typed quickly to reply that she had left out an entirely viable option which was to brunch then lunch…..

As soon as I hit ‘send’ I wondered what I was portraying as I DO love being outdoors, I DO love walking, I just don’t like blisters! I was just contemplating what I might to do make amends on this urban anti outside image that I was wrongly creating about myself and Matt stepped into my life.

OK, the truth may actually be that I ambushed him, (ah ha..please note the very natural reference to foliage in my rhetoric!…) Matthew Shaffer is the Associate Director of Marketing Services for The Trust for Public Land and an all round good egg for talking to me at such short notice and for doing so without so much of an inkling as to my current goal to fix my image and convey myself as both tree hugger and fresh air loving citizen.

Now the Trust for Public Land are doing some wonderful things and among them is an initiative to support urban dwellers and others not so fortunate to live near a park to reclaim a piece of green for their own. On September 19th TPL are holding a national event to create temporary parks in parking spaces for one day. Now you may be thinking wow that’s kind of whacky and cool but why would they do that? Well Matthew had the answers….

Tell me why you are passionate about this initiative and what your personal dream is in regard to the overall impact.

A little space – a little park not much larger than one parking spot – can go so very far to transform a neighborhood, bring people together, and get us a little closer to nature. Parks are vital to a city’s health, and Park(ing) Day helps demonstrate their immense value. And the creativity of designing and making all these individual parks happen – and putting them in unique places – is very rewarding.

We’re at a tipping point where cities and counties in particular are not just thinking about parks but putting real dollars and muscle behind ambitious park, natural areas, and trail plans. Great park systems – that reach as many families as possible – make cities great places to live. Park(ing) Day can help advertise the importance of these community efforts, especially when the Park(ing) parks reflect local needs.

I am curious, what is your favorite thing to do in a park? Play, read, people watch?
I wish I had an easy answer – depends on the park and the company. So many parks, so many options!

OK so here are some scenarios…just fill in the blank..

You are in Prospect Park, Brooklyn with say….Barack Obama, you would…
Play chess.

You are in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco with something to tell folks you would tell them…
Go to the observation tower at the deYoung.

Finally you are in Forest Park in St Louis with your closest friend, you would….
Get a map (never been) but let’s assume there’s an arboretum somewhere there – I’d check that out.

Check this video out to see past park(ing) day events.

I love the fact that TPL are forgoing traditional advertising and instead creating experiential teasers for what could be in a neighborhood near you. Want to take part?

If you live in the OC the closing date for entries to design your own park(ing) space is coming up on July 29th just fill out the entry form.

And for everyone else in the U.S please visit Park(ing) day to see how you can take part on Friday September 19th, and for those of you in London and other cities outside of the U.S, I believe that there is a commitment for this initiative to become an international affair with prior years having park(ing) spaces in European locations too, so please investigate what you could do in your own city.

Matthew, thanks so much for your time and your commitment to such a great initiative and for making me look a lot more familiar with our great outdoors.

Personally I am very much looking forward to some park(ing) transformations near me.. no REALLY I am….

Photo: The Berger Partnership, PS
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Your own Nourishing Conversation – Designing alliances

Today’s post is about the power of ‘designed alliances’, it was prompted by a video clip that was sent to me by a friend (yep, there I go shamelessly stealing again!), who was making a point along the lines of how the couple in the movie have such a powerful understanding, connection and trust.

As coaches we design alliances with our clients in regard to our client requirements, what expectations there are and how we want to be in relationship, in turn we ask that our clients create alliances with their work colleagues, partners and children with the view that there are true benefits to not take things for granted.

I realize that the term ‘designed alliance’ sounds like jargon; and I don’t expect you to sit your 9 year old down and explain that you need to ‘design an alliance’ but what we are truly urging is open communication and more mutual appreciation and understanding in relationships. The reason being if there is a mutual understanding there is much less room for disappointment, for values to be ignored and boundaries to be broken. Let me give you an example; you plan to go for dinner with a significant other and when you get there the restaurant is closed, what could occur is bickering about who should have called ahead and made the arrangements resulting in resentment and looming blame, quite a way to sour what was supposed to be a great night out.

Instead the following could have been designed – that as partners you take turns in making reservations and there is a clear system in regard to who’s turn is next, alternatively you may design that not making reservations is key to your spontaneous lifestyle and that the ‘mutual understanding’ is the intent to have fun whatever happens. This way when you both arrive at the closed restaurant instead of blame and disappointment you stick your agreement and just find somewhere else to go and have fun doing it!

Sound simple? Well for some areas in our lives it is, especially with loved ones that we have been with for some time where we have learnt from our experiences together. Some designed alliances almost seem unspoken or were possibly said out loud once and are now part of the groove, but be careful here, it is always worthwhile to check back in to see if the agreement you believe to be in place is still working for the other person, maybe they would like a redesign and haven’t known how to bring it up and even if you discover that the arrangement is still working for them, through making the inquiry you will have just made them feel appreciated and seen, how great is that!

When you stop to think about it what do you want to redesign around? Is there someone with an annoying habit in your home or workplace? Did you ever design an alliance with that person in regard to that ‘thing’? We all have them… being always the one to put out the trash, old tins of cat food being left in the refrigerator, the burden of making all the plans. Maybe now is the time to say something and redesign how you want to be around these little things that all start to add up and create tension. Possibly a great thing to design would be to have a sit down once a month to catch all the things that are going really well and not so well and talk about how to make it even better!

Personally I would like to have designed an alliance with Steve Jobs this week. He didn’t make it very clear that for him to enhance my technological life and still have time to launch his new 3G phone he would actually have to pause my email service for 36 hours. He did however send me notices to apologize and because we have an understanding around the fact he does have an impeccable record for delivering great products I chose to roll with the punches on this one but it would have been nice to have had the opportunity to have discussed it first.

So back to the video….I was trying to imagine what alliance this incredible couple designed and while I don’t speak Chinese I believe it could have been something along the lines of….

– Prima Ballerina:“I have been thinking… I would really like to incorporate a pirouette on pointe whilst standing on your head during our Swan Lake performance would that be OK?”
– Male danseur: “Er, OK, that sounds very cool, but how do we want to be with it if it goes wrong?”
– Prima Ballerina: “Good question, thank you for asking… um, well, lets look at what could go wrong.. I suppose I could fall, I could hurt you as I fell, we could both get really hurt and not be able to perform and also risk the income of the company and our jobs…”
– Male danseur: “You are right those things could happen but we are both incredibly talented so it is much more likely that we will get tons of kudos and get our performance on You tube so IF those things were to happen let’s plan; firstly let’s increase our insurance so we are fully covered. Two, let’s get some other safety measures in place, maybe we choreograph this so other members of the company can be on alert and break your fall and I will not hold you responsible for hurting me. In fact let’s promise now that if the worst were to happen we will make sure to keep open lines of communication so both our feelings will be heard. Oh and I suggest we train an extra 10 hours a week.”
– Prima ballerina:“All sounds good, I love the part about open lines of communication, let’s ask someone to remind us about that if we are mad at one another, maybe we ask third frog man from the left to hold us accountable. I do however want to counter offer the 10 hours a week to 8 hours as we already work so hard and in order to keep the focus I would like to have some time during the week to myself too.”
– Male danseur: – “Agreed!”

Beside yourself with curiosity and can’t wait to watch the video?

….well here it is…it is 7 minutes long, but you only need to watch through to the end of their performance which is around 5 mins 40 secs. Be marveled and consider the differences that you could make in your life by designing an alliance and creating a mutual understanding BEFORE an event occurs or habit becomes annoying. It could be the most nourishing conversation you’ve had yet…

CLICK HERE TO WATCH – Swan Lake with a twist…

Don’t go trying this at home…

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Too busy laughing to talk…

Way back when, during my psychology degree I wrote a thesis on the importance of humor and laughter in coping with occupational stress. I remember wedging a rather lame joke into the abstract and still somehow managed to come away with honors.

I now find humor in the fact that it isn’t until 17 years later when I decide to become a coach and stress management consultant with a borderline obsession about what nourishes people that it becomes relevant for me again. Laughter for me is high on the nourishment list, in fact it was on my top ten list of ‘nourishing things’ on a blog post back in April. When I think of any peak experience in my life I am laughing, my favorite people are those I laugh with, I like products that have an element of humor and if I think of any photograph of myself that I actually like I am laughing in it too.

I am also noticing the need we have to express that we are having fun or are laughing even when the person we are communicating with cannot see or hear us; firstly our texting and email lexicon embraced the smiley face 🙂 and now we freely ‘LOL’ all across the ether.

Now I could probably reprise some of that original thesis or some other physiological detail from my most recent stress management education to explain to you the hormonal effects of laughter but to be honest today is less about the education and more about the call to action to ‘Just do it..’

Now maybe that rather dry instruction has you wondering how?! Well there are the obvious routes; watching something funny on TV, doing something silly with friends, recalling a humorous memory or you could join a club. Yes really, for those of you that watched the Pangea Day celebration you will have seen a bunch of celebrities with Dr. Madan Kataria the founder of ‘Laughter Yoga’ all laughing on set, in fact they orchestrated a live ‘world laugh’ right there and then. Apparently there is a Laughter Yoga saying – ‘Fake it until you make it!’ where your body and mind benefit even if the laughter starts off forced and today there are 8000 Laughter Clubs worldwide, with 300,000 members doing just that, sound funny? You betcha!

Now for those of you that know me well, you could correctly presume that the initial idea of visiting with a group of utter strangers to vulnerably jiggle around with them and laugh heartily is about as appealing to me as a poke in the eye, YET there is something about it that I completely believe in and am intrigued by.

– Laughter clubs on the Discovery Channel
– John Cleese visits laughter clubs in India

My home town even has its very own laughter club, Laguna Beach is proud to say that it has had a seven day per week laughter club since 2005, and is the FIRST Laughter Club in the World (outside India) to meet every single day. They meet at the north end of main beach and I have heard it’s a hoot!

Jeffrey Briar Certified L.Y teacher told me today that “first we must distinguish between “mirthful” laughter – fun, playful, mutual- enjoyment-based – which is distinct from “cruel” laughter (sarcasm, gloating, malevolent; where someone is the “butt’ of the joke.) In mirthful laughter, everyone wins, no one is the loser. Through laughing together, strangers can become friends. Laughter is a valid and viable path towards world peace.” OK, just a little bit of physiology…. “Laughter creates the chemistry of happiness, boosting endorphins, leading to raised levels of dopamine in the brain. Laughter relieves all the negative effects of stress and increases oxygen in the blood and brain. More oxygen = better health. Laughter nourishes every cell in your body.”

I would like to mention that Jeffrey signs his emails with ‘love and hilarity’ which I may obviously have to shamelessly steal…

So go find some friends or think of something that you are doing that is frankly ridiculous and have a giggle, a chuckle or better still a red faced, gasping for breath, tear inducing, side-holding full on belly laugh. It is the only infectious thing that you won’t actually mind catching from your mates and I promise you will feel lighter and less stressed in seconds..

You may even find me hooting on main beach yet…

For more information have a look at Dr Kataria’s site, then there is the World laughter tour (don’t forget to buy the tshirt) and a whole channel on You Tube dedicated to Laughter Yoga, excellent source material to get you going…

Laguna Laughter club – every Morning Sunday thru Friday, 7:45-8:30am; and Saturdays 5:30-6:15pm (Sat. meets 4:30-5:15pm, Nov. thru Feb.). Contact: Jeffrey Briar (949) 376-1939 or

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This ‘nourishing conversation’ was featured in The Eighteenth Edition of the Carnival of Improving Life.

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