David Womack – Wide-Grin Rides

Writer, Sommelier, Adrenaline Seeker, Marginal Puzzlephile.

What compelled you to share the pleasures and pain of this sport in your book ‘Mountain Bike! Orange County: A Wide-Grin Ride Guide’?

I answered an ad on Craig’s List. Menasha Ridge was looking for someone to write a Los Angeles mountain-bike book. I told them they should publish an Orange County book since the mountain biking is so good here (they published both). So, after a short audition process, I was given the job. I thought it was a great opportunity – to get paid for doing something I loved. It also allowed me/motivated me to travel all around the county and ride all the trails. Some of the trails I’d never ridden and others I hadn’t ridden in fifteen years. And, now, after all the good times, I have something to show for it… a book. I’m really happy with how the book turned out and would do it again given the opportunity.

Wow, that’s so cool..and the wide-grin is produced by what? Exhilaration? Inspiration? Freedom?

“Wide-grin” was actually coined by the publisher. So I can’t take credit for that. However, the bliss of mountain biking comes from getting away from the grid of pavement and concrete and out into the world of trails and trees. It is a freedom we all experienced as children. As soon as you get going and the wind hits your face, all the troubles of the world seem to perish. Also, since mountain biking is usually about going up and down, there is an endorphin rush from the exertion of climbing and an adrenaline rush from the exhilaration of going downhill.

What is it about a particular trail or outing that makes it a truly ‘wide-grin ride’ ?

There are so many, but my favorites rides generally begin at my house in North Laguna. From there I either ride up El Morro Canyon or up Dartmoor Street into the Laguna Coast Wilderness. These rides generally end with a jaunt down Emerald Canyon. The scenic canyon is quite narrow with steep walls. It’s easy to feel isolated there, away from civilization. It’s a perfect place for a fugitive to hide. I don’t think there are any fugitives in Emerald Canyon, but there are plenty of coyotes and rabbits and a few deer.

Why do you choose mountain biking over other sports?

I chose mountain biking originally because my doctor told me to stop playing basketball. I continue to mountain bike because I think it is important to experience the outdoors and also enjoy the adrenaline-fueled excitment of riding fun and challenging trails. Laguna Beach is just a great place to mountain bike. We have fair weather and access to good trails. I do participate in other sports though. I’m an avid windsurder, I like to play ultimate frisbee and volleyball and, in the summer months, I spend a lot of time in the ocean swimming and bodysurfing.

….And you do crossword puzzles…you are an intriguing man Mr Womack.

David is promising to keep his new blog up to date with information on OC rides, so buy the book and check the site out at mountainbikeoc.blogspot.com

The great outdoors is calling…

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