Goodbye Grossmont High – Hello independence

I want to request your indulgence because this blog post feels very personal to me. I wondered how interesting it will be to read without knowledge of the characters involved however the more I thought about it, the more I see there is a connection that any one of you will feel if you’ve ever taken that big leap, closed one door and walked through a new one, or made a decision where life as you knew it changed.

This is about rites of passage, we all know them, many of us have experienced several along our journey. Today we hear from 5 wonderful young women (my daughter and her best friends) who are all transitioning to college this fall and the amazing women, and 1 charming gentleman who have been the faithful guides in their lives.
Thank you for reading,

Carol with daughter Hannah, seeking independence at C.S.U. San Francisco

Hannah, what is the adventure in your next step?
It’s being able to choose my own adventure.

What two things will you miss the most?
My dog ( Oddie) and my support group.

Carol, what is your hope for Hannah?
I hope that Hannah finds true happiness… and to find fulfillment and love. I just want her to have happiness – to really reach her potential as a human being and to feel glad about how she gets there.

What two things you will you miss the most?
Watching her surprise me with another aspect of her creativity – it just comes out in a surprising way. Her sweet company, my friend & companion in the house.

Carol what is your next adventure?
I can start to do some artwork again, and focus on an old part of me that’s been waiting to blossom. Hooray!!

Charlotte with daughter Sam, seeking independence at C.S.U. Chico

Charlotte what is your hope for Sam?
One of my greatest hopes for Samantha is that, filled with the never-ending love of her parents, and buoyed by the support of family and friends, she will have the desire and confidence to go forth into the world and share the gifts and talents that are uniquely hers.

What two things you will you miss the most?
A good morning kiss and hug while her cheeks are still warm from being burrowed under the covers. The sound of her laughter.

Charlotte, what is your next adventure?
Adjusting to the new family dynamics as our “party of five” shrinks to four.

Sam what is the adventure in your next step?
Freedom to make decisions. Being responsible for my own actions. Not having my parents around all the time, being an adult.

What two things will you miss the most?
I can’t have just two things, my dog, my bed, and my family.

Jenny with daughter Nellie, seeking independence at University of Nebraska

Jenny, what is your hope for Nellie?
My gut reaction is I hope for her complete happiness and safety. With every news article and media bit I hear, I pray that God keeps her sheltered in the safety of his love. This is a product of the times we live in. As her mom, I hope this journey is everything she expects it to be and even more. As she learns about the world and herself and her place in it, I hope she challenges herself and doesn’t hold back. I hope she siezes every opportunity. This is such a beautiful world I want her to know it all. I hope music provides her with a life long passion and tremendous sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction. How wonderful to have such a sense of direction at this young age and to be able to live and learn your passion in college.

What two things you will you miss the most?
Like us all, I will miss Nell everyday. I will miss just the day to day things, like her asking me what to wear, telling me where she is going, or asking me about something she does not understand. I will miss having two children in the house and the energy that generates. I will also miss the overwhelming sense of pride I feel when I hear her play the flute. There will be many fewer opportunities to hear her and I will miss that. I will miss the girl I am sending to Nebraska, because when she comes home, she will be different, a young woman. I am anxious to meet her at the same time I will miss her.

Jenny, what is your next adventure?
As I send one off to college, I send another into high school. My son is so different than my daughter. I am looking forward to enjoying him and nurturing him as he finds new opportunities and grows. It will be different. I also am looking forward to more time (sans the band) for myself. I’ve kicked around in the back of my mind taking piano lessons. I played through high school and let it go in college. Maybe I’ll take it up again. Or maybe I’ll pick up the two half finished quilts I have and finish them off. I like to sew and would like to be more creative. I also hope to continue the friendships I’ve made these last four years. Friendships are important, so let us keep them alive.

Nellie, what is the adventure in your next step?
Being on my own and learning to do things on my own. Being able to do whatever I want when I want, independence.

What two things will you miss the most?
Rituals, familiar things, my mom’s food, driving the same route to school, going to my brother’s school. Things my mom does for me,( today she washed my sheets) things I probably don’t even realize she does.

Warren with grand-daughter Kylah, seeking independence at Dublin City University, Ireland

Warren, what is your hope for Kylah?
I hope there will not be too much loneliness, and that she will be successful and meet her challenges by herself, being so far away. Like her Irish ancestor Edward Rutledge, (youngest man to sign the Declaration Of Independence) as she goes from the States to Ireland, to study International Affairs and foreign languages, I hope she will make her mark as well.

What two things you will you miss the most?
I won’t miss the loud stereo. I will miss her companionship, her helping me and taking me places I needed to go, and going for lunch & dinner.

Kylah, what is the adventure in your next step?
Going to a foreign country, experiencing all the new and crazy things of a whole new culture. Being able to study what I want to study.

What two things will you miss the most?
My Grandpa, and American things I love and won’t be able to get there.

Me! with daughter Jacquie, seeking independence at Grossmont College
San Diego

My daughter and I have switched the expected roles where in fact my daughter is going to remain in the same city to attend college and I am the one moving away to start something new, what follows is really a dialogue between the two of us, where Jacquie gets the opportunity to be curious too.

Jacquie, what is the adventure in your next step?
Being thrown into a whole new circle of people. Being able to make more of the decisions on my own.

What will you miss most?
People, friends, you, Angel face (my kitty) band & the band room, French class, beach days, and the balance between living in the country & the city.

Mum, what is going to be the most exciting part of your move to Calgary?
Doing something completely new, more opportunities, being close to my sister. Being able to have lunch with my high school friends. Rediscovering my home town after 30 years. Accomplishing my coaching career and leadership goals. As well as being able to inspire and support you in the pursuit of your goals.

What are you going to miss the most?
You and I finding something hysterically funny at the same moment and laughing till the tears run down our cheeks. Seeing your face light up when you tell me a story. Shanna (my horse), the beautiful, amazing women of Mountain Tribal Gypsy, my belly dance troupe. My wonderful community of Julian, but in my heart I know it’s not good-bye.

Carol & Hannah, Charlotte & Sam, Jenny & Nellie, Warren & Kylah, and my Jacquie, thank you for sharing a little of who you are becoming as we all take another step towards our next adventures, filled with opportunity and a greater knowing of ourselves. Leap with this in mind,
“Follow your dreams; for as you dream, so shall you become”. – James Allen

© The Red Barn Cooperative

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