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On visiting spud’s website David Van Seters President and CEO of spud! tells us that the idea for this great company came to him while he was working as a sustainability business consultant, he wanted to do more than advise other people, he wanted to create a company that would integrate social and environmental values in its everyday business.

Lucky for us that idea came to fruition and for those of us that live in the USA we can now enjoy home deliveries of fresh organic produce in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and the wider Los Angeles area.

The service seems really easy to use (I am about to try it myself!). Just go online and shop ’til you drop using the easy to navigate lists of produce and wait to receive your goodies on a designated day of the week. Your order will arrive in a reusable bin that will utilize all the returnable cold packs and freezer jackets required to ensure everything arrives fresh. You don’t even have to be in, just let them know where you would like them to leave your stash.

Looking for inspiration? spud! will also help you with recipes, ideas for kids, vegans and vegetarians and have all the ingredients that you may need listed and ready to place into your online shopping cart. While what really attracts us to this service is the tailored ‘Fresh Harvest Box’ a variety of locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables that are tailored to your produce preferences, spud! also sells and delivers a wide range of grocery products.

Being so excited by this company and its happy purple trucks we wanted to find out more and are delighted to have today’s nourishing conversation with Lesley Fox who works at spud’s origins in Vancouver.

Lesley, What does “eat. live. be happy ” really mean for the company, I get the feeling it both a company philosophy and a call to action…

You pretty much said it. Eat well, living sustainable, we promote it and help make it happen. Happiness from simple things.

How do you choose which brands you will carry?

We buy local as much as possible, products are selected based on how local they are, must be organic or contain no harmful ingredients or chemicals, have minimal or recyclable packaging, are not tested on animals, promote sustainability, are environmentally responsible and promote progressive animal welfare standards etc. We have a strong social policy and work as hard as we can to align ourselves with suppliers who have similar values.

What is the customer feedback so far?

Our customers are fantastic. They are committed to the environment, to animals, to fair trade practices and most importantly – buying local and minimizing their carbon footprint. We hear from many people about how they love our service – customers love that we measure and publish the distance each one of our products travels (food miles), they love the selection of locally grown produce and products, and we have also received great feedback on our website, that it is user friendly etc.

What do you love most about the company?

Food is what connects us all. It is a fundamental need. The dietary choices we make has a lasting and profound impact on other people (suppliers/farmers/fair trade/our own health), the environment (organic, sustainability grown) and animals (how farmed animals are cared for, humane practices, vegetarian products etc). It is amazing to think about.

My job provides meaning to my life. I enjoy learning all about food – from discovering a new and tasty vegetable to learning about all of the politics behind what I had for lunch.

spud! has an amazing social policy and even though our company is growing by leaps and bounds, we never abandon our ethics and principles. In today’s world, you don’t see that too often.

Lesley, thank you for your own curiosity about food and the world and for telling us about this fantastic initiative.

So guys even if you are wildly busy and can’t make it to the store or farmers market, it seems there really is no longer any excuse not to eat locally and organic… eat. live. be happy.

To read all the many benefits of using spud! and to start using the service visit spud.com today!

With warmth and sparkle,
Photo credit www.spud.ca
© The Red Barn Cooperative

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4 Responses to “spud! – eat . live . be happy”

  1. 1 Bridget June 3, 2008 at 8:49 am

    WOW! I wish there was a Spud in Michigan!!! I am going to visit Spud next time I roll through Cali!!!!

  2. 2 Danielle October 13, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Thanks Bridget! We don’t have any offices in Michigan, but thanks for the enthusiasm!

  3. 3 Tayla e Arnaldo - Por Inteiro July 10, 2013 at 8:10 am

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