Tammie & Misty – Live Love Now

Tammie – Happy, Willing to help, blessed & grateful
Misty – Committed, genuine, courageous, fun

The Live Love Philosophy

OUR BELIEF is that a little LOVE makes a big difference.
OUR MISSION is to make Love real in the world – through our actions, investments and special events.
OUR TIME to Live Love is now.

“Live Love Now” – great words where did the inspiration for them come?

Live Love got started long before the official livelovenow.org launch this February. Both of us were involved in a Metalogue group that met over a 10 year period. We were asked as a part of this group to continue the practice of how to live love in every moment. Tammie wanted to know ways to create a more loving environment in her family (because this is often the hardest practice field). Several years later Tammie felt called in her morning prayers to make LIVE LOVE bumper stickers. Although she often questioned the call, the launch was set forth 2 years later!

You recently had a concert in San Diego. Could we hear a bit about that?

Our LIVE LOVE launch was on Feb. 14th, 2008. We asked local musicians to donate their time to our campaign launch and 8 amazing artists said “YES!”, Eve Sells, Gregory Page, Sven-Erik Seaholm, Lisa Sanders, Joe Rathburn, JohnFoltz, and Carlos Olmedia.

They sat in the round and each played 3 songs. The night was magical and we all knew we were a part of something larger. Each artist also donated a song on our LIVE LOVE CD (a limited run, still available on our website).

What inspired the musicians to get involved?

The musicians were happy to help, and their generosity was amazing. They all believed in the cause and they regularly do benefits to pay it forward!

What are some ways people can Live Love Now?

The easiest way for people to get involved is to ask yourself: ‘How can I LIVE LOVE NOW for myself, for others, and for the planet AND act on my insight?’.

We would encourage you to visit our website and tell us your stories of LOVE in action. We have a 100 day challenge that began with our launch on Feb. 14th. In a pay it forward model, we are asking you and others to LIVE LOVE in a given moment and challenge those you know to do the same. It is our intention that our site encourages global kindness and serves as a record of these acts. We would also LOVE for individuals to share this message with our t-shirts, bumper stickers and CDs!

Misty, what thrills you most about living love in the moment?

What thrills me the most about LIVE LOVE in each moment is how much it challenges me each instant….To breathe, to focus on what is positive, to remind myself how my thoughts shape my reality. I find that the more present I am (really in the truest sense of the word)
the easier it is to live love with myself and others. Often, however, I find that my mind goes quite a bit faster than NOW speed and judgement, criticism, anxiety,etc… creeps in. This IS the thrilling part of being at the forefront of this movement. Since jumping in with Tammie I can honestly say I have never been so challenged and thrilled!!!!

Tammie, what is most thrilling to you about living love in the moment?

Feeling like I am choosing to be a part of something bigger than myself. When I choose to feel love and act from love I acknowledge the oneness of everyone and everything. The recognition that all things are full of the greatness of God inspires awe and the desire to Love. The call to Love is exciting and scary all at the same time…so the word thrilling is perfectly fitting!

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
Mother Teresa

Tammie, Misty thank you for your courage and commitment to bringing more love to our planet one person, one act at a time. Thanks also for the reminder that the heart responds to acts of kindness.
Take Care,

© The Red Barn Cooperative

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