Nourishing moments – Taking notice

I have already mentioned my predilection for bubbling over and this blog entry couldn’t help but effervesce a few profoundly nourishing moments that have occured over the last few weeks.

Pangea Day

Well there were both snacks and cuddling up in this household. It was an incredible event and as predicted I did get through many a kleenex during the 4 hours. For those of you who wanted to be part of it but couldn’t you can still view the films that were shown at For those of you who did watch they have posted more award winning films to the line up. I HIGHLY recommend that you take some time to watch a selection and take part next year. It was heart warming to see the audiences around the world, even the British audience who were gathered outside Somerset House in the middle of the night were dancing to the closing ‘World Drum circle’. Scholar and writer Karen Armstrong closed the event with a call to action, “Look into your own heart and discover what it is that gives you pain and then refuse under any circumstance what so ever to inflict that pain on any body else”.

Serious Play

This was a nourishing highlight that had me giddy with anticipation. Three days of inspirational speakers, rope jumping and yummy food and goodies. This biannual event held by Art Center College of Design covered topics as vast as the next rover that is going to land on Mars, the intelligence of crows, what it is like to live a full and curious life as a double amputee, the coke and mentos guys, Origami as science, and visionary architecture, all under the guise of PLAY a necessary part of who we are. It was a mind expanding gathering of topics and people that will keep me on a high for weeks. But the nourishing story here is the topic of Play in our lives, Stuart Brown the Founder of the National Institute for Play stated that the opposite of play is NOT work it is in fact Depression. So if you feel you haven’t played recently, try it on, you will feel so much better for moving, laughing, going fast, twirling around, communicating playfully or bonding with others on a team. Children do not have the monopoly on play they just do it so well! Act like a child just once this week and feel your heart soar.
National Institute for Play.

Spring Cleaning

Yes really, in fact we will be having a nourishing conversation on this very subject very soon. In the meantime I wanted to share that we had several spring cleaning conundrums; firstly was the disposal of our 9 year old sofa. It has served us so well across four moves in three states, it has been with us through the arm waving days of Dawsons Creek, the heady days of Gilmore Girl romance, seen us be held in suspense by Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing and it now sits to witness all the drama of Grey’s Anatomy. It has also endured a few xbox ‘sit ins’, many thrills and spills and a burrowing puppy. It really is ‘time’ yet given all we had been through together we now seem to be hanging on to it out of sentimentality compounded by the graphic visual of our sofa balancing on the top of a landfill. Our much considered solution was to contact greendumptruck who are going to responsibly remove our old faithful (with ceremony) to make way for our new ‘green’ construction hemp sofa which brings me both to my point and the link that I have promised to share with many of you. The Story of Stuff, the animation on this site takes around 20 minutes to watch but it is well worth it if you want a recap on what the manufacturing and disposal chain really looks like or to consider your role as consumer, to help with some of your own spring cleaning decisions and more importantly to share with less enlightened souls than yourself.

I did however recently enter full blown consumer mode when buying the cleaning products to take on said cleaning. Having tried many green cleaners and using baking soda in the tub (it works!) I finally decided to convert all our products to Mrs Myers, our house will be smelling of lemon verbena some time soon, no really it will…..

Another area that saw a clean out was the make-up drawer. Just over a year ago I was made aware of ‘Skindeep’ the cosmetics database and I have to admit that even after reading about the lethal chemicals that were regularly making contact with my skin when they really shouldn’t even be coming within 2 feet of me, I still clung on to that Dior mascara and that Urban Decay sparkly green eyeshadow. So have I thrown everything out? No. But I have made a considerable dent, pretty much have my ‘chemicals of choice’ under control and a renewed commitment to making sure what comes into the house and gets lathered onto our faces or bodies is harmless. To see what might be toxic in your products check out Skindeep.

The last element I want to include in this topic was the question ‘Where was all our electricity being used?’ We finally made a concerted effort to go around the house plugging and unplugging all our appliances until we got our electric meter disc to spin at a speed that was a lot more satisfactory to our pockets and the planet. This has included actively unplugging all our chargers when not charging a phone, headset or computer and turning our computers off (not just to sleep) and unplugging them EVERY time they are not in use. It has made an incredible difference to our bill!

The awareness of what stuff we have in our house (yes there is still more to tackle, the comic collection REALLY needs to be sold – hint) but the first phase clean out has made me feel lighter, I have a sense of accomplishment and I am more able to concentrate on some of the priorities in my life. It is amazing what the benefits of a clean out can be.
What new thing can you do this month to contribute to the care of yourself and the planet? Sign up for daily tips at Ideal Bite.


I didn’t make it out there this year but as a result of this West Coast desert festival we had a group of good friends come visit with us before they traveled back East. For me being able to kick back with good friends around the BBQ is very high on my list of nourishing things. Marc and I have decided that one of our nourishing intentions for the summer will be to have many stress free BBQ’s and make the most of our home.

How do you want to remember Summer ’08 and what are you doing to make it so?

Have a fabulous week…
With warmth and sparkle

© The Red Barn Cooperative

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2 Responses to “Nourishing moments – Taking notice”

  1. 1 Bridget May 19, 2008 at 7:09 am

    WOAH! The couch…it’s going away? I do love that couch…but looking forward to seeing the new one.
    BBQ’s are definitely one of the best things to do over the summer. My friends and I try to take turns so we can have one every other weekend. A great way to catch up, laugh, and fill the belly with vegetarian goodness.

  1. 1 Marriage Counselling Trackback on July 30, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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