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We are interrupting our regular interview format to remind you that Pangea Day is almost here!

If you have been hiding under a rock or have just been a tad busy recently let me give you the quick overview…

Pangea Day, May 10th, 2008
4 hours. 24 films. A new way to see the world.

“Pangea Day taps the power of film to strengthen tolerance and compassion while uniting millions of people to build a better future.

In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference, and conflict, it’s easy to lose sight of what we all have in common. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that — to help people see themselves in others — through the power of film.

Sites in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked live to produce a program of powerful films, visionary speakers, and uplifting music.

Movies alone can’t change the world. But the people who watch them can.” Source

I advise you get snacks, cuddle up with your favorite people and spend these four hours getting in touch with the fact that you are watching the same film at the exact same time as a person in Cairo, Kigali or in another city on our planet. Also wonder at the possibility that while you are watching, in the very moment that you may feel the urge to laugh or cry, maybe they do too. Maybe even more curious is the possibility, that you are watching the same film at the same time as someone you see everyday in the street and yet you experience the films in a completely different way.

I predict that Saturday will provide goose bump moments and a sense of worldly connectedness that you may not have tapped into for a while or possibly ever.

If you have the urge to be part of this global event with your local community there is a map on the web site where you can find people in your area who are already planning their Pangea party, whether that be in their home, community center, church or school.

If you prefer to go it alone all you need to do is check that your cable provider has ‘Current TV’ the channel in partnership with this event. FYI, Sky is running it in the UK but in the US current TV is pretty much only offered with the following providers (sorry I didn’t research the rest of the world..)-

DIRECTV – Channel 366
DISH Network – Channel 196
Comcast Digital – Channel 107 (Most cities), Channel 125 – (Dallas & Seattle)
Time Warner Digital – Channel 103 (New York City), Channel 142 (Los Angeles)
AT&T U-Verse – Channel 189

So if you don’t subscribe to any of these, you could always book a Jet Blue flight and fly to a destination of choice that is 4 hours away and watch it on the seat-back Directv monitors OR less radically you could drive around your neighborhood with the perfect hostess gift looking for satellite dishes, when you find one, ring the doorbell and make friends OR you can always watch via your laptops too.

If you do decide to take part, even if it is just for half an hour, we would love to hear your thoughts so return with your comments! Just to give you an idea on timing the films will be running on Saturday as follows – 3am – 7am Tokyo, 7pm – 11pm London, 2pm – 6pm USA East Coast, 11am – 3pm USA West Coast

And if you would like to take a peek at some of the work being created it is worth checking out the ‘Anthem series’, films made of one country’s citizens singing the anthem of a different country e.g the French sang the Star-Spangled Banner, my favorite element of the films is what happens to each of the flags at the end of them, go check it out….

What is Pangea day?

With warmth, sparkle and snacks

© The Red Barn Cooperative

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1 Response to “Nourishing Conversations – Community through film”

  1. 1 Bridget May 8, 2008 at 7:48 am

    “Pangea Day taps the power of film to strengthen tolerance and compassion while uniting millions of people to build a better future.”

    Pangea day sounds great! I am going to snuggle up with Jack and watch!

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