Dale Howard – Fueled by curiosity

Landscape Artist, Light Chaser

Who is the man behind the lens ?

I’ve always looked around with curiosity, and that inevitably led me to pick up a camera as a young man. Growing up next door to my grandfather, I had to sit through his 8mm movies of our large family, and his trips to Baja, Mexico to Alaska, with lots of stops in between. So film became a logical way for me to tell my stories of where I’ve been, what I’ve seen that’s worth shouting about, and all the beautiful family and friends I’ve had the pleasure to be with. I’ve been called a ‘Light Chaser’ because that’s just what I love to do, chase the light as it casts it’s moods onto just about anything and everything. And the pride of showing off my images is the joy of sharing the absolute beauty of life here on our most awesome Mother Earth. So, with camera in hand, I take off in any direction in pursuit of the quest to see Gaia’s delicious being. The camera becomes my divining rod, and I seek out the emotive waters of a rich and bejeweled landscape. Anywhere I look, perfection smiles back at me. Heck, the picture taking is just an excuse to look at her raw beauty. In that moment, I am fully alive, and fully at peace, sort of my walking meditation.

Where else has your curiosity taken you ?

As a child I loved physical events….hiking, baseball, exercising, playing. I loved trying every sport that was available to me in school. One year I ‘lettered’ in Football, Track & Field, Baseball, and Tennis, and still got on the Dean’s List for good grades. My curiosity in school was in science, math, history, and art. Then in college, I dove into everything esoteric…questioning traditions, and trying alternatives. After that, religions played a prominent role in my world view, and I left the old ways and tried on more indigenous lifestyles and thinking. Curiosity finally led me to the juncture of quantum physics and spiritual laws, the magical thinking of religious history. Yet, having traveled around the world of thought and ‘no thought’…I’m right back to being the little kid who loved to play in the dirt, pile up rocks, and grow flowers in my own yard…

I have seen what you can do with rocks, dirt & flowers. Your spaces have quite a sacredness to them. Where does the inspiration come from?

From Mother Nature and Mother Valeria Mae, my earthly mom. As a child, she always had gardens and orchards flourishing around me as I played. Soon I was the caretaker of her landscape. To this day she and I get on our knees and serve the flora around her retirement home. This was symbolic of the spiritual service she showed me towards others. As a young man, I became caretaker of beautiful estates in La Jolla, CA and devoted all remaining time to spiritually beautifying of my inner landscape. So now, when out in the back country anywhere I look, I see this incredible order of things, just as it’s been for millennia. Human gardens only attempt to replicate what’s already laid out in nature. And that’s just what I do here in my own 2 acre backyard. Try to build a little ‘Heaven on Earth’…!

So what’s worth shouting about today?

Progress. Even though I rest satisfied with my life, my love, my children, and my grandchildren…I am excited with my curiosity at what’s next, how will I get there, and what will I find. With the help of my life coach, I am challenged to see clearly my motives and my passions. I want to finish with a flurry of good work, satisfying accomplishments, and crystalline awareness….as to my purpose, my potential, and my chance to be alive right here right now. Like the sage who said, ‘May you live in interesting times’ …we do, and I want to experience them with clarity and wisdom.

Thanks for chatting with me Dale, and sharing your inner landscape.
Dale can be contacted at gotdale@hotmail.com

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  1. 1 Candice April 27, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Light Chaser – so cool……

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