Nourishing Conversations – What nourishes you?

I am writing this as I watch ‘American Idol Gives Back’. Did you watch it too? A gathering of celebrities from various areas of sport and entertainment raising funds for children around the world. As I type they are at $21m and Brad Pitt just came on stage to a hysterical standing ovation. If you missed it I am sure you will be able to catch it on You Tube tomorrow. Among the many heart tugging stories I highly recommend viewing the Annie Lennox, Forest Whitaker and Daughtry segments.

The community spirit of this fundraiser humbly inspired me to divert from our normal Thursday interview and turn the blog over to you, our readers.

In the last couple of months we have published interviews that featured nourishment in many guises, from spirituality, eco fashion, health and cultural hobbies to surviving break ups and magic. And with it we created community too.

I am curious about you on so many levels, but today I would like permission to ask – What nourishes you?

Yes, I know you have a plane to catch, a meeting to attend or something very important to do today but what would be new for you if you took just a minute to notice from what and from where you receive nourishment?

I took a minute, and wrote my nourishing top ten. The list is in no particular order, it reflects my thoughts in this single moment, tonight. Tomorrow it may change, in a month it could alter again, but for now these are the things that raise my spirits, bring me joy, have me live my life on purpose and let me be me.

1. The lyrics to ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Beddingfield
2. My tiny beach shack & garden that any self respecting fairy would be happy to live in
3. My boyfriend Marc and all the yummy meals he makes time to cook for me
4. Cuddling up to my dog Poppy while she snores.
5. My incredible friends who support me in all I do
6. Being able to create within The Red Barn Cooperative
7. The KNOWING that we can all make a difference
8. My iphone, imac, OK everything Apple
9. The life learnings I gain everyday from my clients
10. Whimsy, laughter and Tord Boontje – in my mind they totally go together

I ask you to take a minute today to look at your own top 10.

Jot them down and share them in the comments section on this page so we might get to know each other, learn from one another and share our nourishing finds.

Don’t put it off, you may find something wonderful in this minute that nourishes you for the rest of your day.

With warmth and sparkle

© The Red Barn Cooperative

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9 Responses to “Nourishing Conversations – What nourishes you?”

  1. 1 Bridget April 10, 2008 at 7:16 am

    All three of the moments you referenced from Idol gives back had me on the verge of tears as well. Whilst watching Annie Lennox I had the overwhelming urge to transport myself into the television and hug them all. Nourishing moments for myself are as follows:
    -Mother daughter ONLY time
    -My huge circle of friends, whom I consider family
    -Snuggling up with Jack for bed
    -My morning run to clear my head
    -MUSIC! Whether it be updating my morning run mix, making a mix for a friend, record shopping, or attending a live gig
    -Grocery shopping at Trader Joes
    -Immersing myself in a good book
    -Working with the most creative people in the world, and being able to call them a friend
    -Volunteering at my mom’s elementary school
    -Waking up in the morning

  2. 2 Marc April 10, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Hmmmm… at first glance 10 seems a tall order but being as I’m mentioned by name in Candice’s top 10 I am instantly inspired to reply (at length & in no particular order I might add!):

    – Sunsets. Every day if possible… they lift my heart and make me breathe better… eradicating any little troubles I may have.
    – Beautiful Moments: often solitary… a copse of trees, glimpsing one of natures’ creatures, the shape of a cloud.. even better when shared with Candice.
    – Walks on the beach whether at home in Laguna or a windy Northern California stretch.. something I do less than I want and am trying to re-balance.
    – Almost any time with Poppy our Schnauzer, especially off-leash at the park, on Huntingdon dog beach; with her next to me as co-pilot on my commute; watching her sleep; hearing her drink noisily.. the list is endless – could be a top-ten of it’s own.
    – Weather… good or bad.. lying in the sun, walking in the rain, crunching through snow.
    – German sausage and eggs at Heidelberg cafe with a book or newspaper/Sushi and beer at 242 if you’ve been to either with me it makes perfect sense.
    – Laughing only as you can with true guy-friends with a special mention of James & Rob as well as my three oldest friends Tim, Ian & Probal of 29 years back in London & friends in general, apart from Mother earth they only form of “religion” I need.
    – Family: seeing my 84 year old Mum and her war-time stoicism dealing with her deteriorating health without complaint, and catching up with my brothers, niece & nephew in London.
    – Shacks: home where the heart is… with Candice in Laguna or Big Bear… or trips back to New York where part of me always “belongs”
    – Finally.. Being able to secretly write a Top Ten List whilst in an off-site meeting in Seattle with 30 PR folks 😉

  3. 3 Patrice Manning April 10, 2008 at 10:17 am

    My faith in God and the adventure it is with every new day.
    The Joy of my Grandsons running in calling out Grand ma with such excitement that’s the best.My children and Grandchildre when we are all together playing.
    The thankfulness I have that we are safe in the grace of God
    The chalenge my disabled son is and giving me the oppurtunity to live more in a self forgetfull way.I watch us get over hurdles some think of as impossiable.I enjoy the vision I have of building the childrens rescue,funny I called it The Red Barn it’s real to me that this concept should be utilized for great success in our families in this country,Having a great Country to follow your dreams. Just being able to hold out our hand to whoever wanders through a broken land and share with those who have no homes to stay,nowhere at night to lay their head.Nor know where is their daily bread. Alone and helpless-Take their Hand to give hope and do what ever we can.
    I invite you to look up more of my story read my blogs if you like,
    Thank You, I enjoyed your nourishing conversatios!

  4. 4 Michael April 10, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Without any hint of ranking a collection of 10:

    The lyricism of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    Proper hugs.

    Stumbling upon something new.

    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (the cheesiest!).

    The shores of Northern Michigan.

    “love is a place” – The poem by e.e. cummings

    The silence cast by falling snow.

    Manual labor.

    Not the people who “get me”, necessarily, but rather those who just don’t have to, and decide to stick around all the same.

    Listening (a source I need to remember more often).

  5. 5 Penny April 10, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    * Laughing with Jacquie ( my daughter)
    * Head touching with Shanna (my 29 year old Arabian horse)
    * Doing the moving meditation with my dance troupe before a performance.
    * The bouquet of Lilacs I have beside my bed.
    * The joy of so many amazing friends (like YOU)
    * The sparkle and jingle of belly dance costumes.
    * My log cabin in the woods
    * Mountain air
    * Meaningful connection with people
    * Creating thru connection.

  6. 6 Petra April 10, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    As always, you inspire me. Make me realize that, yes, I am busy but should make time for things like this. I have never actually gave it much thought – what DOES nourish me and here it is. Before I list my nourishments, I want to quickly share my thoughts on American Idol gives back. Having watched this for the first time, I thought it was amazing that all these people came together to help raise money for all these kids in need. Made me donate money and I hope all of you found it in your heart to do the same. And in case you missed it, I too recommend looking up Annie Lennox’s segment. OK, but here it goes:

    What nourishes me?

    1. My best girl Lacey who always stands behind me, not matter what
    2. Friends in general but had to give extra credit to the one and only
    3. Music, as without it I wouldn’t be able to start my day or head over to my yoga class
    4. Yoga
    5. Exercising
    6. My family (I miss them dearly)
    7. Dancing
    8. Laughter
    9. My new found job and the newfound freedom I have found because of it
    10. The Red Barn Cooperative

  7. 7 Beth Griffith April 11, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    -sharing funny sayings with my husband Dan that only the two of us would understand

    -being in my garden and watching the slight rustling of the leaves

    -spending time with good friends, near or far

    -walking on any beach, smelling the salt air, watching the waves, closing my eyes and listening to all the sounds

    -reading ‘A Course in Miracles’ and feeling the words

    -writing cards and love notes out to people I care about

    -being kind and thinking kind thoughts about the world and athe people in it

    -dancing crazy by myself to my favorite music

    -taking a hot shower for a ridiculous amount of time

    – knowing in my core that love is all that matters

  8. 8 Candice April 13, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Wow. Thank you for the feedback.

    I hope all the noticing of what nourished you impacted you in a positive way. Each of your lists were such fun to read and I will be ‘borrowing’ some of your sources of nourishment and trying them on myself!

    If you are only just discovering this post, continue to add your top 10 and ask your friends and family about theirs, we will continue to check back to see what nourishes you.

    Much love to all of you.

  9. 9 Nadia January 29, 2009 at 10:18 am

    1. Hot black tea with milk & honey
    2. Biking along Huntington Beach
    3. Lounging in the sun, preferably outdoors
    4. Watching local raqs sharki performers at the Coffee Haven (Long Beach)
    5. A hot shower whilst burning a perfumed candle
    6. Strolling inside the Bowers
    7. Watching “art” films (Check out the Film & Video Center at UCI on Thursday nights!)
    8. Sweating through my tablecloth uniform in martial arts class
    9. Sharing breakfast with my parents
    10. Midnight conversations amidst pillows and flannel sheets

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