Bernard Leibov – The Hero Project


Bernie, tell me a little bit about the Hero Project and what instigated it.

The Hero Project is an exploration of certain avenues that have opened to me in my quest for something truly inspirational to motivate my development. I have been quite dissatisfied with my means of getting work done and earning income to date. I am searching out ways to do work that feel more natural to me and that pay some bills at the same time.

I have become very inspired around art, the community, the works, my early attempts at work. I believe in the power of art to inspire individuals to find some freedom/power in their existences. I would like to be the conduit for this inspiration and to be in community with artists.

Ultimately, the Hero Project is about taking action and learning from their impact getting many ideas, suppositions, theories, fantasies out of the space of thinking and measuring their effect in the world around me. I have just rented out my apartment for three months and am intending to spend that time in Joshua Tree, CA deepening my understanding of the local art community, developing my own work and finding ways to communicate the essence of the inspiration I find there to others. This may take the form of exhibiting desert artists back in NYC, creating installations in my apartment in NYC and/or bringing artists/others to Joshua Tree for community workshops/residencies.

At the same time, I am interviewing with a small brand agency that does inspiring/risk taking work I have been presented with an opportunity that I did not expect and am pursuing it. This is not mutually exclusive to the art route they will run in parallel should something develop employment-wise.

The fact you are in forward motion is palpable. What was nourishing about getting into action around the Hero Project and your quest?

The impetus and nourishment come from a sense of moving out of my head and into action. There is fear, hesitation etc. and that is feeling brought on by the pattern that has run my life to date. The nourishment comes from the sense of moving through a wall of fear toward something else and proving that the fear was not real. Nourishment also comes from the community around me that calls me into action.

We are actually conducting this interview as you are traveling between NYC the UK and South Africa. What is this trip all about?

The trip is about reconnecting with close friends and family from and in my country of origin something I find creates impetus in my development. I come away feeling truly blessed and ready to expend my energy fully. I also get out of NYC in February to avoid seasonal blues 😉

So a few weeks have lapsed and your intention to get to Joshua Tree came to fruition. What does it feel like to be there?

The feelings this week have been mixed. I came here to get some focus on my creative energies. At the same time, I have commitments and developments back in NYC. My interview process went well and I built the JT sojourn into the discussions. The Universe then stepped in and had a good laugh – a consulting opportunity and a non-profit position were both raised just as I was leaving. I am also curating the a benefit for the HIV Law Project which will take place right after I return. Technology is proving an alluring way to stay connected to these energies.

At the same time, I have had some desert magic starting with a visit to the gallery at which I will take some print classes. I met some new folks, got invited to see an amazing house full of industrial objects installed as artworks and had a photographic expedition to the wildflowers in the depths of Wonder Valley. I’m now making an effort to quieten things down and start making some things in preparation for the print workshop.

The lesson for me now seems to be about prioritization through connecting with those things that truly resonate.

B, thank you for showing us that we really can get out of our heads and into action, very motivational. I am really looking forward to seeing what your quest unfolds and for you to show me around Joshua Tree!

To check out Bernard’s art and follow the Hero Project visit boxoblog.

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1 Response to “Bernard Leibov – The Hero Project”

  1. 1 joni brenner May 22, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    oh – i see what you are doing there!
    sounds intriguing – how brave and wonderful
    xxx joni.

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