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Eris Huemer – Break-up Emergency


Eris Huemer, author of Break-up Emergency, is a Life Coach and holds a masters degree in counseling psychology. She is the relationship specialist who puts the REAL back into REALationship. Not only is she academically accredited in the field of psychology, she also has a life time of real world experience. Her unique take on the ups and downs, and ins and outs of relationships, helps guide people toward making positive and lasting life change

Eris, you have recently been promoting your book ‘Break-Up Emergency’, what has that experience been like?

Yes, I have been promoting the book on a local level. The response has been wonderful! People are really gravitating to the book. Not only because the cover is really great but because what is in it really works. It feels really good when people read the book and tell me that it is helping or that they were inspired by certain points. I love it when they say that they feel like I was talking directly to them or telling their story. Also, when I get another client because they liked what the book had to say. That means that we did our job. We haven’t done any other PR yet and are looking forward to. We are taking meetings with different publishers. It is a lot of hard work. Ultimately it is worth it when we have accomplished our mission.

Tell us a little bit about the book and what inspired it.

My own personal experience and break-ups. I have had my heart broken and broken and broken. I have been lied to, cheated on, deceived, coerced, cajoled, tricked, cast aside, seduced, corrupted, convinced, and what I call man-ip-ulated…Then the Sleeping Beauty within me woke up and I realized that the only way things were going to change for me is if I began to help me help me.

Healing my broken heart did not happen overnight but becoming more conscious did. I discovered many healing tools through my break-ups, and as I worked them they evolved into the exercises you will find in the book. The more I worked them, the more I understood myself. They inspired me because I began to see results. I felt better, more personally powerful. I became confident and secure. I began to realize that I was not a victim. I found the gifts that my relationships brought me. I found my life’s purpose through my so called “failed” relationships. I did the work within and it worked! I decided that I wanted to share it with others.

So would you say that this book is more for girls than guys?

This is a good question. Statistics show that women are more likely to buy and read self-help books. However, I have had many men interested in buying the book. In fact I have different male clients because they read Break-Up Emergency. My fiance and business partner, Clayton Winans, is my co-author. He adds a male perspective, which is a plus.


Break-Up Emergency is for you if:
-You have ever experienced a break-up.
-You know anyone who has experienced a break-up.
-You’ve just broken up and are having a difficult time dealing with intense emotions.
-You are trying to initiate a break-up but for one reason or another you can’t.
-You broke up months ago and still feel down and out. Maybe you believe you have let go of your past relationship but subconsciously have not.
-You want to get over your ex and meet someone new but you just don’t know how.
– You’re stuck in the “Can’ts”: Can’t concentrate, Can’t complete tasks, Can’t stay awake, Can’t eat, Can’t stop eating, Can’t stop crying, Can’t go anywhere or do anything, Can’t help feeling lonely, helpless, empty, lacking in self-respect and self-confidence, Can’t stop feeling, thinking, or talking about your ex.
– If you Can’t X out your EX, then this book is for you.

You have developed a fabulous ‘heart lifting’ brand from your life coaching and relationship counseling practices. Your book, website & seminars are great expressions of who you are. What is next for you and ‘LOVE ERIS’?

We have exciting projects lined up for Love Eris and SIRE Enterprises, which is the company that I own with Clayton. Break-Up Emergency is the first book in a relationship book series – the “Emergency” book series. We also have a book series entitled, WeWOMEN. This is a series of books filled with women’s stories and memories, written by real women. We are taking submissions for stories right now for the first book entitled WeWOMEN: Love Stories. You can read more about that on

View with the sound on! Eris, thank you so much for talking with us today, I just adore all your effervescing energy and pink-ness!

Click here to purchase.
Break-ups are a simple fact of life. We’ve all experienced them, one way or another – through our own relationships or those of others. By reading Break-Up Emergency and trying its many exercises, you can find your strengths, your voice, and get a firm grip on your own life that will enable you to create new relationships. With the perspective you’ll gain from this book, you’ll discover that your latest ending is just a new beginning. You’ll be able to look at your past – not live in it. You’ll be able to take control of the direction of your life and make choices about who will bring you heartache or happiness. Allow your BREAK to take you UP to your BREAK THROUGH.

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