Introducing our Being Soaps


OK we are biased but we think these are the most lather-lovely, fragrant-tastic useful little items to fall in love with in 2008! I think our only competition would be if Jonathan Ive were to start putting fragrance in an iphone….

At The Red Barn we love to spot Original Lives. Lives where values are honored, dreams are fulfilled & folks sparkle with their very being. But to our horror, our friends & family sometimes tell us that they don’t have time to sparkle!

So based on the notion that even when we are busy we manage to wash now & then, we crafted our ‘Being Soaps’. Fragrant-tastic, lather-lovely, daily reminders that your inner sparkle doesn’t want to be ignored a moment longer. Infused with calming, revitalizing or uplifting properties your time in the shower will become so much more than a mundane routine. Use it to reflect on a moment, explore a new perspective, make a plan or create a dream.

You choose, we just ask that you sparkle while you do it.

We chose states of Being that really went with each of the fragrances. The Lavender, Oatmeal & fair trade Shea butter is dreamy. It is completely relaxing and it really makes you want to just breathe and ‘Be in the Moment’. At the other extreme our Sage and Mint soap is 000-eeeeee wakey wakey!! If you want to ‘Be invigorated’, get creative and dive into action this will get you going in the morning.

My current favorite is the Coconut and Mandarin, with its uplifting qualities it asks me to ‘Be Open Minded’. It really has a mind expanding fragrance so you experience the lift without the kick of the mint. I somehow have a feeling though that as the seasons change so will my favorite recipe so I am planning to keep all three on hand!

They are also organic, made using solar power and have minimal packaging.

So there you have it, these soaps are really a simple daily, nourishing reminder that we need to listen to our hearts, minds and souls so we may never lose our sparkle.

If you want more info on how to get your hands on these little organic wonders or want other ideas on how to reunite with your sparkle please either visit or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!


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