The slightest movement of the head, I know to turn. A raised arm sends everyone moving in unison across the floor. All attention focused on the dancer stage left. Her movements ripple from herself to every dancer in the troupe. Not a word is spoken, nothing choreographed. Yet the result is a beautiful blending of hearts, bodies, and souls, for the common goal. JOY.

Another dance, two people move in a similar fashion. Listening for the slightest cue, detecting a subtle change, we move one direction, shimmy in another, or perhaps we stop altogether. Same concept different dance. Here my two passions converge. Tribal Style Belly Dance, and Co-Active Coaching.

Tribal style belly dance is not choreographed. Every dancer knows all the movements, and everyone take turns leading & following. During the Co-Active Coaching dance the coach dances in the moment with the client. Every client is naturally creative resourceful and whole. Knowing instinctively their natural rhythms, the coach dancing with them to bring it to its full expression.

As we start 2008 what do you feel about dancing ?

Whether you are currently leading or following, tap into your own unique style and tempo. Listen to the beat of your Original Life.

Happy Hips Penny


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