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Nourishing Conversations – We’re bubbling over!


Thank you so much for all the support so far, Monday is only around the corner and our first Nourishing Conversation comes with it. My own joy and enthusiasm is now palpable!!

Today I want to respond to some of the feedback and questions that have already been coming in.

– Firstly, we L O V E feedback even if it does come directly to our emails, so keep it up! However with the mission of sharing in mind please don’t hold back from posting your comments and questions on this site. You can do this by clicking on the red ‘comments’ link , near the top of the page, under the date of the post, this will open a ‘reply box’ so you can communicate with us and others. Alternatively if you are reading a post that has been ‘archived’, on the right hand side of the page you will be invited to ‘leave a response’, the same reply box will be revealed.

– A few questions about subscription details came in. To the right of this text you will see both a link to subscribe by email which is pretty easy, you will however send you a verification email that you need to open so you actually get articles sent to you.

The other little orange icon will link you to your choice of RSS feed. If you are a keen reader of blogs I recommend this. You can load your RSS feeder with many different addresses of blogs or news, and these can all be delivered to you in one go. It’s like getting your own customized newspaper online, great for scanning a bunch of stuff without having to go through your bookmarks. It is worth noting that if you just bookmark this page, as flattering as that is for us, you won’t actually benefit from having the posts sent to you, and we don’t want you to miss out!

– You also wanted to hear about frequency of posts, we are planning 2 (or if we are bubbling over 3) Nourishing Conversations a week. This will be interspersed by other relevant posts as they arise. Again keep the comments coming in so we know if you are feeling nourished enough!

Lastly, we want to say a HUGE thank you to all the inspiring folks that we have interviewed so far.

Already we have gained so much, practical tips, education and new perspectives on life. I know that you will find something uniquely yours in each article too.

So have a superb weekend.
Looking forward to Monday!

With warmth and sparkle
Candice, Penny and our ever expanding Cooperative.

Nourishing conversations


I am so excited to write that the seed has taken root.

The idea about a cooperative of people coming together with the common goal of providing nourishment, in all its guises, is growing.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing our conversations with –

– Athena Katsaros about her work with Bpeace
– Nao Yamasaki on returning to Japan and finding nourishment in her cultural roots
– Bernard Leibov and the creation of The Hero Project
– Anne Clarke’s adventures with fairies
– Beth Griffith and her unique relationship with Cancer
– Ellen Catalano’s thought provoking vineyard retreats
– Eitan Kramer on obesity and getting teens active
– Keri Fothergill on the benefits of massage therapy
– Eris Huemer author of recently launched ‘Break-Up Emergency’

And the conversations don’t stop there, we will have many more morsels to share with you…..

Like all things that grow, this initiative needs feeding and you can help by doing these three things –

1. Subscribe to this blog.
2. Leave feedback on the blog in regard to what you have read, how you feel about it and what you want more of in your life.
3. Spread the word. Share.

And PLEASE don’t feel that you have to wait for the first conversation to start commenting! What do you think about the idea? Where do you currently look for nourishment? What do you want more of now?

Can’t wait to hear from you
With warmth and sparkle

Introducing our Being Soaps


OK we are biased but we think these are the most lather-lovely, fragrant-tastic useful little items to fall in love with in 2008! I think our only competition would be if Jonathan Ive were to start putting fragrance in an iphone….

At The Red Barn we love to spot Original Lives. Lives where values are honored, dreams are fulfilled & folks sparkle with their very being. But to our horror, our friends & family sometimes tell us that they don’t have time to sparkle!

So based on the notion that even when we are busy we manage to wash now & then, we crafted our ‘Being Soaps’. Fragrant-tastic, lather-lovely, daily reminders that your inner sparkle doesn’t want to be ignored a moment longer. Infused with calming, revitalizing or uplifting properties your time in the shower will become so much more than a mundane routine. Use it to reflect on a moment, explore a new perspective, make a plan or create a dream.

You choose, we just ask that you sparkle while you do it.

We chose states of Being that really went with each of the fragrances. The Lavender, Oatmeal & fair trade Shea butter is dreamy. It is completely relaxing and it really makes you want to just breathe and ‘Be in the Moment’. At the other extreme our Sage and Mint soap is 000-eeeeee wakey wakey!! If you want to ‘Be invigorated’, get creative and dive into action this will get you going in the morning.

My current favorite is the Coconut and Mandarin, with its uplifting qualities it asks me to ‘Be Open Minded’. It really has a mind expanding fragrance so you experience the lift without the kick of the mint. I somehow have a feeling though that as the seasons change so will my favorite recipe so I am planning to keep all three on hand!

They are also organic, made using solar power and have minimal packaging.

So there you have it, these soaps are really a simple daily, nourishing reminder that we need to listen to our hearts, minds and souls so we may never lose our sparkle.

If you want more info on how to get your hands on these little organic wonders or want other ideas on how to reunite with your sparkle please either visit or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!



The slightest movement of the head, I know to turn. A raised arm sends everyone moving in unison across the floor. All attention focused on the dancer stage left. Her movements ripple from herself to every dancer in the troupe. Not a word is spoken, nothing choreographed. Yet the result is a beautiful blending of hearts, bodies, and souls, for the common goal. JOY.

Another dance, two people move in a similar fashion. Listening for the slightest cue, detecting a subtle change, we move one direction, shimmy in another, or perhaps we stop altogether. Same concept different dance. Here my two passions converge. Tribal Style Belly Dance, and Co-Active Coaching.

Tribal style belly dance is not choreographed. Every dancer knows all the movements, and everyone take turns leading & following. During the Co-Active Coaching dance the coach dances in the moment with the client. Every client is naturally creative resourceful and whole. Knowing instinctively their natural rhythms, the coach dancing with them to bring it to its full expression.

As we start 2008 what do you feel about dancing ?

Whether you are currently leading or following, tap into your own unique style and tempo. Listen to the beat of your Original Life.

Happy Hips Penny

The key to session preparation


We are sometimes asked, especially by new clients how best to prepare for a session so we thought it may be helpful to put a few pointers down on the subject. By preparing for a session we can get straight down to work and optimize our time together, so before each meeting consider the following and make yourself some notes.

– Ask yourself what you would like to get out of the session that day.
-Recap your homework. How much of the session would you like to spend debriefing, celebrating and discussing challenges?
– Consider how you are feeling, is there something that has come up since the last session that you want to deepen some learning around?
– Are you in a place where you would like to try a visualization technique such as a life purpose or future self journey?
– Is it time for some evaluation around your commitments and goals?
– What would you like to be held accountable for?

By having a list you will be able to ensure that everything you want to cover is discussed and if for whatever reason time doesn’t allow for every item we can make sure to capture it and have the topic ready for the next call.

Be well and sparkle,
The folks from The Red Barn
P.S Please leave a comment if you found this helpful or if you have a query


I realize that it is slightly ironic titling the first post on this blog ‘Finally!’ however it pretty much expresses how I feel. I seem to have struggled and wrestled way more than I probably should have getting around to setting up this particular Cooperative resource in a more fitting space.  

The Cooperative wasn’t being clearly represented in its current home, we were too focused on coaching skills which while very important to us, if you have already ventured to the ‘About The Red Barn Cooperative’ page, you will know that the Cooperative is a much broader concept. When people walk through those big ol’ barn doors there needs to be substance inside, tools and resources that are relevant to everyone. So ‘finally’ we are here in our new location where we can get organized, stack our bales, display our wares and ideas and get on with the business of nourishment.

I also feel that I need to humbly acknowledge Penny, with whom I continue to share the Cooperative experience on a day to day basis. I am sure I have driven her to distraction with various social networking tools, linkedin, facebook, our own mac based blog. Only earlier today she exclaimed ‘ I have just finished reading up on squids and now we are doing what?!’ (yep, if you want to check out Squidoo, for charitable purposes we have a small outpost there too…).

Penny, thank you for humoring me and for holding on tight. I too now look forward to simplicity and am excited to toast yet another Red Barn resource with a lovely cup of tea.

Warmly, C 

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